23 Great Ideas For Re-purposing Flower Vases

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One of my favorite types of blog articles to read is those round up ideas. 
Today I have a guest on my blog that is sharing with us twenty three brilliant ideas for re-purposing flower vases.

Before you read these great ideas let me introduce you to the guest poster, Taylor. 

Taylor loves to garden and craft. When she is not coming up with new ideas for old things, you can find her trying out her neighborhood yoga studios.

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Let’s jump into the post shall we?

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Those flowers are soon to be past their prime, but rather than putting that vase in the closet and letting it gather dust, re-purpose it! 
There are tons of ways to transform your vase. Whether you prefer to simply fill it with fun, seasonal items or have a few minutes and want to do a little DIY, there are many things you can do to make it look brand new.

It doesn’t matter if your vase is tall and skinny or short and wide, ProFlowers has an idea for you!

They have an idea for organizing your bathroom, crafting a gift or adding a little festivity to your living space. 

The 23 vase ideas are organized by category in case you already have an idea in mind, but just need a little more inspiration.

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