Easy 3D Paper Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial with Templates

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Create your own easy 3D paper Christmas ornaments with our ornament templates. Get your home holiday ready with these easy-to-use templates!

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Along with the Christmas season comes so many enjoyable traditions & opportunities to get crafty and creative with your decorations for both your tree and home. Making decorations from paper can be a great way to go easy on the budget while still making this year’s decor unique and original to YOU! In this tutorial, we’re making things so simple! You don’t have to be artistic or a highly skilled crafter to make these adorable 3D paper Christmas ornaments that can be hung on the tree or around your home. Follow the simple directions & download the templates to make some baubles perfect for your family’s holiday space! In addition to these fun paper ornaments, I also teamed up with 10 other AMAZING bloggers who have some fabulous ideas of their own for DIY Christmas ornaments with your Cricut. Be sure to jump down below and check them out!

3D Paper Christmas Ornaments

Supplies You’ll Need: (My favorites are linked!)

DIY Paper Ornament Tutorial

Step 1

Start by cutting out as many ornament pieces as you’d like using the provided 3 free templates. Want all 9 signature designs? Pick them up here! There won’t be an exact amount needed at this step, but the more ornament cutouts that are used, the more detailed & layered your finished product will be. For each ornament, I like to go with AT LEAST 10 cutouts to get a good result.

DIY Paper Ornament Tutorial

Step 2

Fold each of your ornament cutouts in half lengthwise. DIY Paper Ornament Tutorial

Step 3

Now that each piece is folded, add a strip of glue down the lateral side of each ornament & add another folded piece on top. DIY Paper Ornament Tutorial

Continue the process of gluing and stacking ornament cutouts one on top of another working to keep them aligned as best as possible. DIY Paper Ornament Tutorial To help keep the pieces aligned, it is helpful to work in smaller groups. Stack 3-4 cutouts in a single group & then once you have a few small groups completed, glue those stacks together. This will make it a bit easier to work with the added thickness of the cardstock as it builds. DIY Paper Ornament Tutorial

Step 4 Set aside your stacked ornament for now. Next we’ll be creating a loop for the center that it will hang from. Using some jute twine or ribbon, cut about a 6″ piece, fold in half, & create a knot towards the end where the two ends meet. Pull it tight to create a loop. DIY Paper Ornament Tutorial Add a strip of glue down the folded edge of your ornament and place your loop there. You should have enough of the loop sticking out the top edge of your ornament to hang it on your tree or string it up. DIY Paper Ornament Tutorial

Step 5

Add glue to one end of your ornament stack and bring both ends around to meet each other. This will create your dimensional rounded ornament. DIY Paper Ornament Tutorial

Step 6

Spread out the various layers so that you have a nice even shape all the way around your 3D paper Christmas ornaments. DIY Paper Ornament Tutorial


DIY Paper Ornament Tutorial This is a completely optional addition, but for a little extra flair, you can hot glue a small bead or pearl to the bottom of each ornament. DIY Paper Ornament Tutorial That’s how easy it is to say goodbye to the same boring bulbs! I’ve provided 3 free templates for you to enjoy (download them in the supply list above). You can get really fancy with all the various shapes and sizes of ornaments to make a bunch and give your holiday decor just the right pizzazz! Grab the full signature set here to make your tree really pop! Create your own easy 3D paper Christmas ornaments with our ornament templates. Get your home holiday ready with these easy-to-use templates! Drop me a note in the comments and give me all the details on how your ornaments turn out! If you loved it, share it with a friend!

Create your own easy 3D paper Christmas ornaments with our ornament templates. Get your home holiday ready with these easy-to-use templates!

Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

If you prefer to following along with the video for these 3D paper Christmas ornaments, check out the video tutorial below!

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Create your own easy 3D paper Christmas ornaments with our ornament templates. Get your home holiday ready with these easy-to-use templates!

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