5 Simple Ways to Show Off Your Personality in Your Home Decor

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How to personalize your home decor. 

5 easy ways to show off your personality in your home decor.

When deciding to decorate any space, and especially your home, we all want the final look to come out just as we envisioned. Many of us though may not have the slightest ideas how to accomplish this or even where to start.

Recently, I just redecorated my living room and also helped my Mom decorate her new apartment after she moved in.

I learned a few tricks along the way, which I will share with you, to ensure you space turns out perfectly fit for your personality.

These 5 points will help you narrow down and target a look for yourself.

1. Choose a color palette

Choosing a color palette is the first thing that should always be considered. After all you can have the most beautiful decor items in the world but if the colors don’t mix well, it can be, well, just plain ugly.

When choosing colors I recommend picking one main color and one complimentary color. Then choose an additional shade or two of the main colors plus some neutral picks, like white, grey, cream, or black.

For my recent decorating adventure I chose blue. The main shade I picked was a dusty cool blue. My second shade I chose was cream (which happens to be a neutral color choice). Now when you look at my living room it is not just those two colors exactly, rather I have combined some navy blue to compliment the cool dusty blue color and also incorporated other tones of the cream color along with white (another good neutral choice)


2. Find a focal point

As  you begin to brain storm your ideas, take a closer look at your space and figure out a focal point. For some this may be a large window, the largest wall or the area of the tv set (if you’re decorating in the living room).

How to personalize your home decor

Choose a spot that natural stands out on it’s own and then plan how you want to enhance that area!

One way to do this with a window is to add long curtains to frame the window. Or if you have a certain wall that is larger then others in your space choose a bolder shade of paint to offset that wall from the others. You could then decorate this wall with a collage of pictures.

3. Personalization

Unless your decorating a public office space most of us will want to include some personalization to our home.

Here are a few ways to add a personal warm touch to your space:

  • Family photos
  • Personal art
  • A handmade item. This could be something you made or a handmade item you found online such as these giant paper wall flowers. (Find templates to DIY them yourself here!)
  • A family heirloom

How to personalize your home decor. Incorporate handmade items.



4. Add textures

How do we add “textures?” Adding texture can be easily accomplished through rugs, pillows, floors (wood, carpet or other), and walls (are they brick, plain, stenciled?)

To me texture is all about the “feel” of the space. If you are wanting a warm and cozy feel then aim for soft textures and an abundance of them, such as fluffy pillows and blankets, soft comfortable couches etc..


If you are wanting a cleaner modern look you may aim for metal, stone, or marble textures throughout your decor.

Personally the cozy comfy couches and pillows are my favorite! I love the inspiring ideas I saw on Havenly. You can find a wide variety of colors, textures and personalizations over at Havenly.com

5. Have Fun

This one is probably the most important! Make sure when you are decorating your space that you have fun!

Don’t become so caught up in making everything so perfect and exact that you over think every detail to the extreme.

(Ahem, my Mommy dearest. I must have watched her pick out 20 end tables and go back and forth between each one at least twice!)

There you have it. Five easy ways you can personalize your home decor and successfully incorporate your personality into any space. And if you aren’t up for taking on the task yourself you can still discuss these ideas with an interior designer. Havenly.com has some very affordable designers to work with!

What would  you add to this list? Tell me below in the comments!


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