How to Decorate for Baby Showers Using Paper Flowers

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Shabby Chic Baby Shower Decor. Paper Flower Backdrop.

Today we have a special Guest Post brought to you by Nathalie Brown from Press Print Party who is showing us how she used some of my flower patterns to decorate for a baby shower. The decor is absolutely gorgeous! I’m thrilled to share this with you!

Check it out:

I love to decorate for baby showers. The excitement of a cherished new life is irresistible.
Decorate for Baby Shower
The inspiration for this baby shower first came from my grey and pink damask baby shower printables. Shabby chic is never out of style and I wanted something vintage and sweet. I used some amazing painted doors a friend of mine painted and made the pink and white paper flowers the stars of the event.
I love everything about paper flowers. They’re really inexpensive to make but are really impactful. An array of paper flowers can transform any party backdrop into a showcase piece.
Decorate for Baby Shower Decorate for Baby Shower
It’s not my first time using paper flowers but it’s my first time using a pattern. I’d made my own before and they were nice, but the touch of an expert pattern definitely made a difference.
I used the Charlotte and Sophia patterns and, although I loved them both, I really adored how beautiful the special folding of the petals on the Charlotte pattern looked.
Decorate for Baby Shower
I used pink and white cardstock to create the flowers. I thought the pink paper was nice but I wanted a softer look on the pink. So I took two of the white flowers and painted the ends of the petals with pink watercolors before gluing them. They ended up being everyone’s favorites.
The centers of the pink flowers are grey, which softens the look and fits in the theme. I didn’t have grey
cardstock so I printed a sheet of white cardstock with a 50% grey and folded it to show the grey. I also used black watercolors to create the grey centers of the pink watercolor flowers.
I used both the petal center included in the pattern and the fringed center. The combination of both, and the switching of colors added to the visual excitement.
The leaves were a cinch to make and the vines cut perfectly with my cutting machine. I’m not sure I would cut the vines by hand. It’s doable but it sure would be time-consuming.
Decorate for Baby Shower
The flowers on the backdrop were only the beginning. A couple of ladies helped me make enough flowers and vines to make a centerpiece on every table. The kisses acted like fun and yummy confetti.
To tie the whole theme up, I used my pink and grey damask printables for the banners, place cards, and kisses labels.
Decorate for Baby Shower Decorate for Baby Shower Decorate for Baby Shower
The party was a great success and the decorations were truly spectacular. I couldn’t have done it without Abbi’s flower patterns.

A little bit about myself:

Hi, I’m Nathalie Brown from Press Print Party! My passions are graphic design and decorating for parties. I put them both to work in my Etsy shop where I sell high-quality party printables and on my blog www.pressprintparty.com where I love to share my parties and DIYs.
Decorate for Baby Shower

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