Hi there, I'm Abbi

Just like you, mastering how to wear a million hats everyday is my special skill! I’m a blogger, author and flower designer. 

It doesn't stop there. I'm a wife, mama, daughter, sister, entrepreneur and a child of a merciful and faithful God.  

My mission at Abbi Kirsten Collections is to nurture the creative magic inside your soul by bringing you fun, easy to learn DIY projects and quality template designs. I started my small shop still known as Catching Colorflies Designs in 2014 because I realized I needed to find myself outside of Motherhood and Wifehood. As far back as I can remember I have enjoyed crafting. I had no idea that when I curled my first paper petal in 2010 that it would lead me to where I am today. 

Believe it or not, my talents haven't always come easy to me but rather through hard work, which continually forces me discover creativity within myself I never knew existed.

While I may not have a fancy degree or title at a company (yet!), I know I am exactly who I am suppose to be and God has blessed it ever step of the way, beyond my imagination.  


If you are a new vistor here, I am so happy that you have stopped by. I really want my followers and readers feel like they know me. Here is a few fun facts about me!  

- I’m a 26 year old mother to two toddlers, Wyatt (4) and Christabella (3). Just 14 barely months apart! And no, that was certainly not planned but it was an unexpected blessing from God in hind sight.  

- I was born and raised in Florida. Up until my husband, Michael, and I moved to Mississippi for 2 years for a job; I had never lived anywhere else. We are now home in sunny Florida to stay!  

- My husband, Michael, and I have been married for 8 years. There is a 15 year age difference. No! That’s not a typo! Neither of us has been married before and we both know, though unconventional to some, we were brought together by God.  

- I’m an introvert. Even talking to people over the internet sometimes makes me sweat!  

- I’ve run dozens of 5k, 10k, and 15k races. I have also run the Disney marathon and half marathon as well. (A marathon is 26.2 miles!)  

- Though I am juggling a hundred things a day, I love what I do and in my spare time (….what’s that??) I play with my kiddos, bake, love to exercise, and watch reruns of Friends and Golden Girl’s.  

This site isn't just about me but about helping you find the joy of creativity in yourself. Creativity has a healing and peaceful power that I hope you will find and enjoy in the projects I share.  

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