3 Genius Craft Projects To Make With Wrapping Paper

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Use wrapping paper for more than just gifts. Wrapping paper can be used for crafting banners, decorating your home and much more.

Some wrapping papers are so lovely I don’t have the heart to throw them out even if they have collected dust in my closet for years. With tons of scraps and extra-large rolls, I began to wonder what I could craft using my extra wrapping paper. After collecting so many beautiful wrapping papers, I recreated their use and made three wrapping paper craft tutorials.

Use wrapping paper to make banners for party decor.

The patterns you can find on wrapping paper are superior to most everyday scrapbooking craft paper. I teamed up with March Party Goods to use their stunning floral prints! Given their bright elements and floral details it was a match made in craft heaven for this project!

Honestly wrapping paper is the hidden gem of paper crafts because of the enormous variety of prints, textures, and thicknesses available. Not to mention think about how many wrapping paper crafts you will get from a roll or large sheet of wrapping paper compared to just a single piece of paper from the craft store.

Use gift wrap for crafting.

There are countless ways to repurpose wrapping paper but today I’m sharing how to use wrapping paper to create a banner, decorative tray, and vases for your home or next gathering!

If you do not have any leftover wrapping paper that you want to use for this project then I recommend getting some gorgeous patterns. I used stunning floral patterned wrapping paper by March Party Goods!

3 Ways to Repurpose Wrapping Paper for Crafts – Video Tutorial

Here are all the ways I thought to use gift wrapping paper to DIY perfection!

Use wrapping paper for more than just gifts. Wrapping paper can be used for crafting banners, decorating your home and much more.

Tips For Cutting Wrapping Paper With Cricut

Cutting wrapping paper is easy enough with a pair of scissors or you can use punches like circle punches, a star punch, or flower punch, but if you own a cutting machine, like a Cricut then try having your machine do the work for you! Cricut Design Space has a wrapping paper cut setting.

If you own the Explore just turn your dial to custom and find the wrapping paper setting in Custom Materials. This also means you can use images in Cricut Access to customize your wrapping paper crafts!

Cutting wrapping paper with cricut.

DIY Banner Using Gift Wrap

Gift wrap is excellent for creating additional party decor aside for pretty gifts. I created a bunting banner and circle garland to hang on my mantel for some festive spring decor. For this project, you can use a simple pair of scissors or cut out the templates on your Cricut machine. Bunting templates can be very simple, you could probably draw some yourself or grab my set of templates here free!

Wrapping paper for party banners.

Free Bunting Banner Templates

Download my free banner templates to cut with a pair of scissors or use your cutting machine with the SVG cut files. Find the templates in my freebie vault. Sign up below or log into your account. Search banner or design #137

DIY Banner with Wrapping Paper

  • Use the PDF templates or SVG cut files to cut out 5-6 banner pieces using your gift wrap.
  • Trim off about a 5-foot piece of baker’s twine.
  • Using scrapbooking tape or tacky glue fold each banner piece over the twine and secure it.
DIY party banner.
  • Repeat with all bunting pieces.
  • For an extra flare try adding some decorative gift tags to the banner as well!
  • Form two loops on each end and hang your banner. I use clear command hooks.
  • For the circle garland, follow the same process but sandwich the circle pieces back-to-back with the twine between them.
Circle garland banner

The circle garland can accent your banner or you can make many of them to hang a curtain backdrop.

DIY circle garland craft.

Custom Decorative Tray With Wrapping Paper

Dress up any everyday coffee tray into a decorative piece of table decor using gift wrap to line the bottom.

Coffee table tray with wrapping paper decoration.
  • Measure the inside of your tray.
  • Use a straight-edge to trim down your paper to the size of your tray’s inner base.
  • Paint the inside bottom of your tray with a mod podge.
  • Lay your wrapping paper onto the tray and use a scraper or brayer to smooth out the paper.

One-Of-A-Kind Vases With Wrapping Paper

Cylinder vases and containers are perfect for floral arrangements, craft tool storage, marker holders, and more. Use your gift wrap to dress up your cylinder vase with a decorative touch.

Cover cylinder vases with wrapping paper.
  • Measure your vase in height and width
  • Trim your wrapping paper down to size. Cut the paper slightly thinner in height to the vase, leaving a little space on the cylinder at the top and bottom.
Wrapping paper projects.
  • Paint the vase with mod podge.
  • Roll on your wrapping paper.
  • Trim down any excess and close the seam with mod podge
Cover vases with patterned wrapping paper.

As an optional finish, you can add some paper ribbon trim along the top or bottom for a more finished edge. What other wrapping paper crafts can you think of? Share them with me in the comments!

Make sure to follow March Party Goods on social media too!

Decorate with wrapping paper.

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Use wrapping paper for more than just gifts. Wrapping paper can be used for crafting banners, decorating your home and much more.

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3 crafts to make with wrapping paper. Use wrapping paper for more than just gifts. Wrapping paper can be used for crafting banners, decorating your home and much more.

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