Cricut Joy Machine – What You Need to Know About This New Portable and Powerful Cricut Machine!

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Cricut Joy

In early 2020 Cricut released a brand new smart cutter known as the Cricut Joy Machine. In today’s post, I will be sharing with you all the details about this power-packed crafting tool, including what you can make with it, what accessories it requires, and the benefits of owning one!

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What is the Cricut Joy Machine?

The new Cricut Joy is a mini smart cutting machine that is most ideal for personalizing just about anything with the convenience of unparalleled portability, unlike any other smart cutter on the market!

Weighing less than four pounds, this machine literally fits in the palm of your hand! To aid compatibility, Joy is Bluetooth enabled and easily works across all devices with the Design Space software.

Cricut Joy with Smart Vinyl

What can I make with the Cricut Joy machine?

What I love most about this new machine is that its compact nature does not compromise its usefulness! With a few exceptions, the Cricut Joy can do a lot of what the Explore and Maker can.

Additionally, this new kid on the block can even perform some exclusive actions like, cutting without a mat, and cutting up to 20 feet in length – something that the Explore and Maker cannot! The Joy can cut 4.5 inches in width making it perfect for small-sized projects.

I decided to play around with the Cricut Joy and put it to the test! I started by personalizing some water bottles and glasses. I used the Smart Vinyl for this which means I didn’t need to load a mat – just the vinyl!

Smart Vinyl
Personalized water bottle decals with the Cricut Joy.

After my drinkware crafts, I also experimented with a wall decal, cards and labels. Check them out below!

Projects the Cricut Joy Excels in

1. Cards – Cricut designed a special card mat that will have you zipping through handmade cards in a matter of minutes. They even took it one step further with card inserts!

My daughter and I made five cards in about 20-minutes for her teachers and now both my kids are asking to craft cards all the time because it’s so easy and fun for them.

Card inserts using the Cricut Joy.
Card designs from Cricut Access

2. Wall Decals – Because the Cricut Joy can cut up to 20 feet in length wall decals or borders are a breeze. I love the removable Smart Vinyl for wall projects. I added a “Craftiness is Happiness” phrase to my studio wall. It was 37 inches long!

Wall decal with Cricut Joy

3. Tumblers, glasses and water bottles – I love to jazz up my cups and water bottles with a little personality. For those who love to make tumblers, the Cricut joy would be a shoo-in for vinyl details. These would also make crazy easy handmade gifts.

Personalize glassed with smart vinyl on the Cricut Joy machine.

4. Labels – bring fresh organization to your life using Cricut Joy Smart Labels. I had some fun labeling jars for Easter candy!

Smart labels with Cricut Joy machine

What accessories/supplies do I need?

Because this machine is quite compact there are some specific materials and accessories you will need with the Joy. Below is a full list of the most important accessories.

Cricut Smart Vinyl
  • Card Insert Mat – a specially designed mat that makes using card kits or your own cards super easy.
  • Pens – the Joy uses a slightly smaller pen than other machines. If you plan to write then be sure to pick up the pens designed for Joy.
  • Smart Vinyl – I’m totally geeking out about this! Smart Vinyl lets you cut without a mat. And let me just say that the colors of the new Smart Vinyl are beyond luxurious – my favorite is that royal blue, above, from the Metallic Gala Sampler.
  • Cricut toolsscraper, spatula, and weeding tools. These are just like the ones for the Maker or Explore, so if you already have them they will work just the same.
  • Tote – Since this machine is made to be traveled with I highly recommend snagging a carrying case for the safety of your machine.
  • Mats – If you have other vinyl on hand you wish to use or want to cut cardstock then these adorable mini mats can do just that.
  • Storage – Find a place around your home to store your machine. I found a pegboard could literally hold all my Joy supplies and machine in one neat space.

A majority of the items listed above can be purchased together in the Cricut Joy bundle.

Cricut Joy storage ideas on pegboard.

How is it different from the Explore or Maker?

One of the most common questions is how is the Cricut Joy different from the Maker or Explore machines?

Here are the main key differences:

  1. Joy is much smaller and easy to travel with.
  2. Joy can cut up to 20 feet in length continuously, no mat required, Explores and Makers cannot do this yet.
  3. Joy has only one clamp for the dual purpose of the blade and pens.
  4. Card kits and card mats are exclusive to the Joy machine.

Other benefits include the Joy being a slightly easier to learn for a beginner and the machine is more affordable than its predecessors, the Explore and Maker.

How is the Cricut Joy different from the Explore or Maker machines?

Is the Cricut Joy right for me?

Hopefully, the above information helps you decide if this machine is right for you! Still not sure? Ask yourself these questions.

  1. What types of crafts do I want to do? Small vinyl, papercrafts, and writing projects are the best for Joy. Will I want my projects to be wider than 4.5 inches?
  2. Do I own another Cricut machine already? If yes, do I wish I could be on-the-go with my machine? As an owner of all Cricut machines myself, I think the Joy is a fantastic side-kick to your Explore or Maker machine!

All in all, Cricut Joy is best for those who are looking to create smaller and personalized projects, with the convenience of portability.

Read more FAQs about the new Joy machine from Cricut!

Is the Cricut Joy machine right for me? What can you make with the Cricut Joy.

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  1. How do u get the joy to cut those letters that small? Every time I try, the blade just rips the vinyl and pulls the letters up.

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