Re-purposed DIY Cardboard and Velvet Fabric Storage Boxes

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Velvet Fabric Storage Boxes for Dresser Organization

Right now my family and I are journeying through the life-changing magic of tidying up. There is a huge organizational buzz happening right now because of Marie Kondo. I’ll admit, I’m a huge fan and her techniques WORK! If you have not read her book yet or watched the Netflix show I encourage you to!

One of the biggest things she teaches in creating effective storage solutions but also storing your items, especially certain ones, in a way that sparks joy.

Once January hit I went to town on my craft room space. Read all about that here and get your own creative space organized!

As I was going through my clothes I knew I would need boxes in my dresser drawers for things like cami tops, socks, bras, underwear or even jewelry. Being a DIY-er I started to wonder how I could make these old shoe boxes prettier? I’m all about easy effective solutions like a re-purpose cardboard storage box but I would wanted it to also be pretty to look at not just practical.

Enter the velvet fabric cardboard storage box makeover.

Marie Kondo tidying up with storage boxes. Use old shoe boxes.

This DIY is actually super easy and the best part is you can keep the cost low while making old shoe boxes look like a million bucks!

I have an full video tutorial for you below which teaches one way of covering the boxes and also an alternative method of wrapping the box shown here step by step.

Let me first share what supplies you will need.


Step 1

Get your cardboard box ready by tracing the bottom of it onto chipboard and cut out. This will be the insert for inside bottom of the fabric storage box.

Step 2

Cut your fabric out for the box. Make sure you leave plenty extra so that it can fully cover your box.

Step 3

On the 2 short sides of the box fold the fabric over and glue down to the inner corner at the bottom inside of the box. Make sure you have pulled the fabric tight.

Step 4

For the 2 longer sides you will notice that you fabric should pretty effortlessly fold into a triangle point, as if you were wrapping a gift box.

Step 5

Next, pull the fabric tight again and fold that triangle point up and into the box – gluing it down. The repeat on the final side.

At this point all but the bottom of the box should have a nicely wrapped tight stretch of velvet covering it. If you feel this method is difficult for you be sure to watch my video because I show a slightly different way!

Step 6

The bottom inside of the box is pretty messy looking at this point so now we will cover the chipboard bottom you cut out with stretch velvet. Cut a rectangle slightly bigger then the piece of chipboard and glue in over the edge.

Step 7

Once you have covered the chipboard then place the insert into the bottom of your fabric storage box.

I recommend leaving the bottom unglued because if the bottom of the box should get messy you can just pull the insert out and clean it or replace it without having to remake the whole box in its entirety.

Tada! You have just successful re-purposed an old shoe box into a velvet fabric storage box that will look amazing in your dresser drawer plus keep everything highly organized!

I created several of these in various colors. Check out my DIY velvet fabric storage boxes below in all there glory! Plus you can totally re-purpose the lids for your jewelry!

DIY velvet boxes

Of course I had to throw in some paper flowers into my photography. My Mary Jane style flower and Elegant leaf set is shown here!

cardboard storage boxes made into velvet drawer storage

Did this project inspire you? Tell me your thoughts below and share it on Pinterest!

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Full video tutorial here

Re-purpose old shoe boxes for dresser storage.

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