Easy Crafting: How to Make Some Beautiful Flower Vases

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DIY Vase Ideas
Yes, you can buy gorgeous vases for a few bucks. Go to a flea market, and you could replace all the furniture in your house with vases. But is purchasing them as exciting as actually making them from scratch? Less likely. There are so many things around the house you can use in creating the most astonishing vases the world has ever seen.
Buying mass-produced vases is not even original. On the other hand, when you create a vase, you can rest assured that it’s unique.  What’s more, you can pimp up your existing vases so they get an altogether different, fresh look. So, do we feel creative today? If not, let’s at least try.
In this article, I’ll give you some ideasthat you can implement when you feel all tingly about making some top-notch flower vases.

     1.     Vase Decorated with Coins
You probably have tons of coins all over the house. Why not use them? You’re not using them for anything else anyway, so you might as well make them part of an artistic project. Coins in different shapes, sizes and colors can be used.
What you’re going to need: a vase, regardless of color, but preferably black, a part of Uncle Scrooge’s stash of coins, glue, and good cheer.
How to do it: stating the obvious here, but all you have to do is to glue the coins to the vase. You can either cover the entire surface or put the coins in patterns. It’s entirely your choice.
      2.    Vase Decorated with Paint
This may very well be one of thecheapest alternatives to making a great vase. You only need some transparent bottles. You can find a variety of glass bottles, in beautiful shapes, in any thrift store. Choose the ones you like best.
Now take a few paints, pour a different color on the bottom of each glass bottle then lean it on one side, so the paint flows to the brim. Let the paint dry and TADAA! – You’ve got yourself a masterful vase done in less than 10 minutes.

3. Vase from a Painted Beer Bottle
Instead of throwing away the bottles that are in a huge quantity in the aftermath of a large party, paint them, and you’ll get some beautiful vases.
You really don’t need any guidelines here. Just peel the labels off and start painting the exterior. If you’re good at drawing, you can make some real pieces of art from those bottles you were about to throw in the trashcan.

      4.    Vase Made with Plastic Forks and Spoons
Now this is some dreamy territory. Have you ever thought that you could create a vase with plastic tableware? That’s why I’m here.
What you’re going to need: a big jar, glue, plastic spoons and forks.
How to do it: Break the tips of the forks and the spoons. Add and spread glue on the brim of the jar. Glue the forks and the spoons onto the brim, then keep adding lower layers. Display them as fish scales. The ending result will be a vase that looks like a bud or pine cone.
      5.    Vase Decorated with Painted Strips of Paper
The greatest way to do it is to paint the strips with various shades of the same color. All of these will create a beautiful contrast. Get that ugly vase you’ve been keeping in the garage and apply those strips on it. Be careful not to put too much glue, because it will soak through the paper and it will destroy it.

      6.    Vase Decorated with Thread
This vaseis a good reason to stop throwing empty wine bottles away. You can transform them into beautiful vases with just some thread. Of course, you don’t have to give them all this make-over, unless you want to offer them as presents to your neighbor. But an empty wine bottle is seldom a nice present.
What you’re going to need: glue, empty wine bottles, thread or jute.
How to do it: Spread a line of glue on the lowest point of the bottle. Take the thread or the jute and wrap it all around the bottle, up to the highest point. Such a vase works fabulously for roses.
      7.    Cafeteria-inspired Italian Vase
This idea is pretty unusual, but this doesn’t make it less attractive – on the contrary, this makes it even more appealing. Did it cross your mind until now that you could actually use the traditional Italian cafeteria as a vase?
It seems that the functionality of a coffee maker goes further than providing the beverage that wakes us up every day. You could search for authentic, vintage models, like the one in the picture.
Or, you could also use a modern, simplistic cafeteria as well. It is entirely up to you. In spite of your preference, we are confident that you could use such an item for decorating a space in a unique way. You could even personalize the cafeteria yourself if you feel like challenging your artistic side.
      8.    Vase with Golden Duct Tape
You can use jars, empty bottles or existing, but bland vases. Apply strips of duct tape all around the bottles.
You can cover them entirely in golden tape, or just 4-5 strips per bottle, so you can see how much water is in there. Also, if you do that, the green of the flowers will be even more beautiful when flanked by the gold of the tape.

      9.   Vase From an Old Sweater
This has high chances of being the pinnacle of DIY vase crafting. It’s a little more difficult to do than the others, but it’s totally worth it.
How to do it: Slide an ornamental glass in one of the sleeves, cut the top and the bottom so the sweater only covers the vase, but leave around 1 inch. This way, you have enough material to cover the bottom. You’ll have to cut pieces of the sweater until the vase is leveled. The ending result is nothing short of stunning.
Final Thoughts
Vases are truly something you shouldn’t spend money on, especially when you can make such beautiful items with things you’d otherwise throw out. You get more perks from crafting your own vases: you boost your creativity, you don’t spend any money, and you have a lot of fun.


The Internet is full of DIY websites where you can learn tens of other designs you can try out when you make vases. How much do you usually spend on a vase? Is it not much cheaper to do it yourself?




Dennies John is the Editor of DrippedCoffee.com who is a die-hard espresso fan and loves to share what he knows about this field. He can read coffee like the back of his hand and brew it as it is in coffee shops.

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  1. I like the idea of a beer bottle. My friend was drinking from a beautiful one last week. And I like how they are hanging on that plain brick wall.

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