Something Bloomingful Is Coming June 6-8th 2024!

Learn the joy of making lifelike crepe paper flowers step by step at this FREE 3-day event, The Crepe Paper Flowerfest by Abbi Kirsten. Join the waitlist to be notified of when you can register to grab your free ticket for 15+ never-before-seen flower-making workshops!


    With these 15+ workshops, You will learn…

    • Brand new workshops on the basics of making crepe paper flowers, including the best supply resources, the optimal techniques for cutting crepe paper, how to shape petals, using various art mediums for distressing, and more!
    • Original crepe paper flower workshops on everything from roses to peonies, daises, anemones, chrysanthemums, butterflies, and many others.
    • Bonus workshops on arranging paper flowers into wreaths, table arrangements, and bouquets.
    • A live stream workshop where you can craft-along in real time with Abbi herself and ask all your questions about making paper flowers.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to learn how to make these wonderful Paper Flowers. Abbi, you are such a great teacher, and your instructions are very detailed. Thank you again!

    Sherry T.

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      Hey there, I’m Abbi

      I am passionate about Making crafts like beautiful paper blossoms!

      I’ve spent 13+ years transforming paper into petals! From a small flower shop to a blossoming craft website with step-by-step tutorials, I am not a stranger to making lifelike paper blooms.

      It’s quite common to feel overwhelmed when trying to craft beautiful paper flowers. Whether you’re unsure about the techniques or searching for the best supplies or templates, I understand the eagerness to create and the fear that you may not be creative enough to do it – but you are!

      With the proper guidance, you’ll soon breeze through your paper flower projects like an expert.

      I can’t wait to share my tips, tricks, and insights for creating beautiful paper flowers with you through these 15+ workshops taught by yours truly!

      As seen in:

      don’t miss the all-new crepe paper flowerfest workshops happening June 6th-8th, 2024!