How to Install Fonts, Weld Text, and Insert Special Text Characters in Cricut Design Space

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How to install fonts in Cricut Design Space. How to add special character glyphs to your text. Plus learn how to weld your text and keep it organized!

Mastering the use of text in Design Space is a great way to take your crafts to the next level. When I started, I had no idea how to install my own fonts, or even change the font in Cricut Design Space.

Once I figured that out, I was baffled at how so many others were able to create such pretty scroll-like words and I couldn’t discover the connection.

In today’s post, I am going to teach you four things.

  1. How to download and install your own fonts
  2. How to keep your fonts organized
  3. How to add character glyphs for stunning word designs
  4. How to Weld your text

How to Install Your Own Fonts in Cricut Design Space

Installing system fonts to use with Cricut Design space is super easy. There is just a couple of quick steps to memorize, and you can apply these to any font you download to your computer!

New to Cricut or not sure what all the buzz is about? Learn more here!

Before I cover those steps you might be wondering where to find the best fonts for Cricut Design Space? I have written a helpful post that covers my top favorite 60 fonts of all time, plus where to discover more! Additionally, check out my Holiday Font post for even more options. These fonts are a mixture of free and paid.

Where to Find Fonts

Choose a font to download. I’m going to use a font that I downloaded off of Font Bundles because I want to show you how to unzip the file and install the fonts that you may pay for. You can also watch my step-by-step video here!

Navigate to your font downloads. In my case, this is my purchase history on Font Bundles. Also, check out DAFont.com for a lot of freebies!

I’m going to click the green Download button. Discover where I find all my fonts here.

downloading fonts for cricut

The zip file will automatically start downloading. You will want to choose a location to save the font on your computer or it may autosave in your download folder.

Unzip Your Fonts

install fonts for cricut design space

Go to where the zip file was downloaded. If your font did NOT download as a zip then skip down to the next step.

Right-click on the zip folder and click Extract All.

Install the Font

installing fonts

Once the file is extracted click through to find the OTF OR TTF files and right-click on one of them. Then choose, Install for All Users. This is very important because if you do not install it for all users then it may not appear in Cricut Design Space.

Don’t think of the User as a person using your computer but rather a program within your computer that needs permission to use the file.

Once you click this it should quickly install. A loading bar may appear for a couple of seconds.

cricut design space fonts

How to Access System Fonts in Design Space

Open Design Space up. If you already had it open be sure to close it out first then reopen it, so the fonts have a chance to load.

Type out any text of choice then navigate to Fonts > System Fonts in the Text Edit Bar.

how to use text in design space

I search by the new font name under system fonts and you can see my Boho font is present.

Click that to change the text on your canvas to your newly installed font!

That’s all there is to installing system fonts for Cricut Design Space! Before we cover special characters let’s cover how to keep fonts organized.

How to Organize Fonts in Cricut Design Space

I recently discovered a desktop app called Nexus that allows you to create specific folders for your fonts and store them in categories rather than trying to remember the name of each font. Nifty, huh?

Here’s how I set up my Nexus Font app after installing it. I have organized everything by style into folders. You can choose any categories or systems you like.

Once you install Nexus open the app up.

organize fonts

To create a new folder go to Installed Fonts at the top left-hand side. This allows you to view/search ANY font in your computer’s system.

Right-click on the name of any font you wish to organize into a folder and click on Add to Set. At this point, you can add the font to an existing set or create a new set.

Here are some categories I like to organize my fonts to remember my options better.

  • Fun Prints
  • Holiday
  • Scripts
  • Special Characters
  • Themed/Disney Fonts
  • Top Favorites

Next time you are designing a project in Design Space and can’t remember what fonts you have go through your organized folders for an easier process!

Below is a video on how to do this step by step.

How to Install and Organize Fonts in Cricut Design Space – Video Tutorial

How to Use Speciality Fonts in Cricut Design Space – Using Characters and Glyphs

Now, what about adding on those special font characters?

With some fonts, those special characters come in their own file and you can view them under System fonts in Design Space. But with many other fonts, you will need to learn how to navigate to the Character Map on your computer and copy in the special font character to make a fancy interconnected script.

Let’s look at an example.

Here I have a really fun font called Mermaid Tails. The specialty characters have little tails that can be added at the beginning or end of a word. Here is how I import those.

Step 1

Type of your text onto the canvas in Design Space and change to the desired font – in my case it’s Mermaid Tails.

changing text in cricut design space

Step 2

Open what’s called a Character Map on your computer apps (Mac users search for Character Viewer). Then find the font you are using in Design Space from the drop-down selection menu.

using special character glyphs in cricut design space.

Step 3

In my case, I want to change the letter D in my work Mermaid to a specialty character a.k.a glyph. Click on the letter D and then click Select and Copy near the bottom.

Step 4

Highlight just the letter you want to replace in the Text box in Design Space, and paste the glyph character replacement.

special fonts

Voila! You have now added on that fancy ending to your word!

special font characters

Welding Text In Cricut Design Space

Now that we have our letters selected let’s edit the awkward space between these letters and create a seamless welded word.

Step 1

When your text is selected click Advanced and Ungroup the letters so they move freely from one another.

ungroup letters in design space

Step 2

Now that the letters are ungrouped move each one, so it is just barely touching the others. 

Feel free to use your Align tool here to make sure your text is straight. If you are using a script font, manual alignment using the grid on the canvas may be necessary. 

how to weld in design space

Step 3

Once you are satisfied with the text and have all letters touching as if they were naturally written, select each word and weld the letters together using the Weld tool at the bottom of the Layer’s Panel. 

The action of welding will also be reflected in the Layer’s Panel to the right.

how to weld text in cricut design space

If you are typing multiple words you could also select all the words and weld them together as one phrase if desired. 

There you have it! A crash course on, installing, organizing, and editing fonts with special characters in Cricut Design Space!

Now learning how to pair fonts is a whole other beast. I have written an entire guide on pairing fonts and my list of favorite fonts in a free printable when you sign up below.

If you are already a member, log in right here and find it by searching Fonts in the search bar at the top. Need help entering the vault? Read this helpful post here. 

If you have any more questions about this I would love to help! Leave me a comment below!

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How to install fonts in Cricut Design Space. How to add special character glyphs to your text. Plus learn how to weld your text and keep it organized!

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