How to Join Pinterest Group Boards

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How to grow your Pinterest account

If you have read anything about Pinterest you know by now that joining group boards is a must. Bloggers and businesses LOVE group boards. There is a good reason for that. Pinterest traffic = blog traffic!

Pinterest is a key platform in sending thousands or even millions of page views to your profile and site. Yes, I said millions.

In fact, I passed a milestone this past month where I reach 13.8 million viewers per month on my account and 800,000+ engagements! Check out the screen shot below at the top left hand side!

Still the question remains, how do I grow my Pinterest account? There are many ways but in this article I am going to teach you How to Join Pinterest Group Boards because the right ones can be super beneficial to you!

However, the question constantly remains, how do I join a group board and where do I find them? In this post I will give you a crash course with all the essential information to finding exactly what you need. Ready to learn How to Join Pinterest Group Boards?! Alright then!

First, for those of you who may not know, let’s clearly understand why group boards are so important and essential to growing your business on Pinterest.

What is a group board?

The concept of a group board is pretty self explanatory. It is basically a Pinterest board that allows multiple users to save pins to one community board aside from just the account owner of that board.

Why is it important to join Pinterest group boards?

  1. Group boards expose your content to thousands of people. Not just your own followers but all the followers of that group board. In other words, if that board has 10K or 100K followers then that’s how viewers can potential see your pin!
  2. It helps tell Pinterest more about your pin by the type of board, the board’s category and the board’s SEO, so they can categorize it correctly getting you more of the right viewers.
  3. You can get complementary repins. If you are apart of a group board with fellow pinners that take a few minutes out of their day to actually repin others content on the board chances are you will get some saves to kick start your newest pin!

How to Join Pinterest Group Boards: Free List of Boards to Join. Learn how to join the best Pinterest group boards and get accepted.

How to join Pinterest group boards

Joining group boards is a lot like sending in a mini job application.

Find the contact info: You will need to personally contact the group board owner to request an invite. Most boards will have a contact email in the board’s description. Those that don’t generally want you to send them a message via Pinterest.

Follow: You MUST follow the board owner’s account. If you do not they cannot add you to the board. The owner’s account will always appear as the first person on the group board contributors.

Send an email to request an invite: Make sure, at the least, this email contains links to your Pinterest profile, the name of the group board you wish to join, and a promise to respect the rules of the board. Bonus: Have an email signature with your social links and website in the email so the owner can learn about you easily. This could even lead to a collaboration opportunity!

Here is an email example


I would love to join your Pinterest group board “name of group board here” (Note: It is helpful to link the board with a hyperlink if you can. That way they can click right over to the board and add you quickly) I am/run a “your business here.”

I believe I have great content to contribute. I have followed your account and read the board rules, which I will respect and obey.

Here is my info so you can add me.


Email: “Your email”

Thank you for your time and consideration,

“Your name”

How to Join Pinterest Group Boards: Free List of Boards to Join. Learn how to join the best Pinterest group boards and get accepted.

Finding Pinterest Group Boards

Now for the real reason you clicked to read this post! How do you find not just group boards, but GREAT group boards to join?

There are a couple ways.

The easiest way is to download our list of 220+ Pinterest boards to join. Categories range from handmade shops, blogging, photography, events, fashion, fitness, motherhood and more! You can find this in our subscriber library under the small biz section!

Search Pinterest for Yourself

The second way is to search via Pinterest for yourself. How do you do this?

  1. Go to the Pinterest feed search bar. Type in a topic ending with the words “group board.” Examples include, “Mom Bloggers Group Board” or Fitness Group Board” etc.
  2. When you do this Pinterest with automactically pull up pins only that they are trying to match to your search. To access the board options instead of pins use the drop down option to the right of the search bar. See our image below.
  3. You will then be presented with board options containing those key words. You can click on each one and see how many followers the board has and if it is open to new contributors!

The third way to search out group boards is through Pin Groupie. Not many people know about Pin Groupie so it’s kinda like an awesome secret weapon!

The wonderful part about Pin Groupie is that you can easily search by topic categories. Even better is that they supply all the boards details right there in one spot, including how many pins, collaborators and followers the each board has. if that isn’t enough they also offer the ability to keep up with the newly opened group boards so you can always be connecting with new accounts plus in addition to this you can even submit your own group board to be included on Pin Groupie!

Here is a brief sample list from our curated board collection! If you want all 220+ boards and tips on how to apply to the boards then download the free PDF below.

Group Boards for Small Businesses

Small Business Marketing Group Board


Handmakers Success

Group Boards for Bloggers

Best of Blogging

Blogs to Follow

Group Board – Blogging and Social Media

Crafting & Home Décor

Crafts DIY and Easy Stuff

Interior Inspirations

The Best Tutorials

Weddings, Parties & Events

Wedding DIY and Inspiration

Let’s Party

Wedding Décor

Fitness & Health

ARTT Fitness

Exercise and Fitness

Workout Motivation

Fashion & Makeup

All Things Fashion

A Fashion Group Board

All About Fashion

Recipes & Lifestyle

Food and Everything Good

Bloggers Get Social – Best Food and Lifestyle


Learning how to join Pinerest group boards is only one of many ways to start a thriving Pinterest account, but it is definitely a fantastic key player that can kick start waves of traffic to your Pinerest and blog!

What other tips or thoughts do you have on this? Tell me in the comments!

How to Join Pinterest Group Boards: Free List of Boards to Join. Learn how to join the best Pinterest group boards and get accepted.

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  1. Thank you so much for writing this! I am still getting the hang of using Pinterest, and I have been trying to figure out how to join group boards. This is the most helpful guide I have found on the subject yet. Thanks again! 🙂

  2. This is an amazing answer to a question I’ve had for a while! I wasn’t aware that you can’t be added unless you follow them! I am also grateful for the template of how to ask to join! Pinning this!!! Yes!

  3. This post is awesome! My only concern is how do you keep up with group boards? I’m only in a few and it’s hard to keep up!

    1. I personally use Tailwind to schedule the posting part. Then I log in 2x a week to repin others content from the board. 🙂

  4. I have been trying to use pinterest more to bring more views to my blog, so thank you so much for this post, it is incredibly helpful!

  5. I haven’t joined any Pinterest groups yet because I didn’t know which ones to join or how. Thanks for sharing informative information and a tool to make things easier, so going to try these later on.

  6. I’ve slowly been learning pinterest over the last 3-4 months. It’s such a different platform and it has done so much for my traffic.

  7. This is very interesting! I have always wondered how to join group boards! Thanks so much for the information and the list! Awesomeness!

  8. These are great tips! I have sent quite a few messages to various group boards & I think I was ignored… I will keep trying!

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    Thanks for sharing! Great post!

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  11. I joined your email list and followed all directions to get the free list. It took me to a page with a bunch of freebies and no list 🙁

    1. Hi Renee,

      The list is inside the Freebie Vault. You can find it under the Small Business section near the bottom or search the page by holding CTRL + F on your keyboard.

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