No-Sew Top Knot Headband Tutorial – Free Headband Pattern

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Create a collection of easy DIY top knot headband in no time with this simple headband tutorial and free printable and svg cut pattern.

Are you ready for the perfect weekend craft that will make any top knot bun look uptown in less than 2 seconds? In this easy DIY top knot headband tutorial, I will show you how to create this trendy accessory that you or a little girl will love wearing!

As a gift to you, I am also providing free knotted headband templates. The headband templates can be cut on a Cricut machine with the SVG cut files, or you can use your favorite pair of fabric scissors to cut the free headband pattern by hand.

My approach to this top knot headband tutorial is no-sew with my favorite fabric glue by Surebonder. Surebonder fabric hot glue sticks are so awesome that I couldn’t tell the difference between my sewn headband and glued version once made.

If you are a skilled sewer, you can take that approach, but I am a sucker for some quick-dry fabric glue, and Surebonder mini glue gun and fabric glue sticks get me there in a few seconds without needing to thread my sewing machine. This craft is gushing with cuteness and is easy enough for any beginner can make. Because I have a little girl myself, and I think every lady and little lady should have a top knot headband collection, I am providing the pattern for free. The free headband pattern is designed to fit a standard 1 or 1.5-inch headband.


To make these simple DIY headbands work, I used a plain satin headband form and a lightweight fabric or thin stretch fabric. You can really play with the style by the print on the fabric you choose. I went with a bright and colorful fabric and styles that made the headbands feel retro.

My favorite fabric resources are either Joann Fabrics or Spoonflower. I absolutely love Spoonflower; between the gorgeous offbeat designs, custom requests, and several types of fabric to choose from, I could dedicate a bedroom just to filling it with their fabrics! If you’ve never heard of Spoonflower, it is a print-on-demand company where you can shop one-of-a-kind designs by artists.


This post is sponsored by Surebonder! That being said, I have a strict ‘only promote what I love and use’ policy here on Abbi Kirsten Collections! So I know you will love the Surebonder brand as much as I do!

Click play above to create a simple knotted headbands in minutes. Be sure to scroll down and download my free headband pattern below, plus get access to ALL my other freebies inside the vault!

No-Sew Fabric Knotted Headband Supply List

New to Cricut? Learn exactly what an SVG file is, how to upload an SVG to Cricut design space, and the difference between an SVG file and Print then Cut process!

Download my FREE Headband Pattern – PDF Printables and SVG Cut Files Included!

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Top Knot Headband Tutorial at a Glance

Cutting Your Headband Pattern

To cut out the headband pattern, download the freebie below. Decide whether you will cut with scissors or a cutting machine. I used my Cricut Maker with the 24-inch fabric grip mat and rotary blade to cut this headband template. If you are cutting with scissors, fold the fabric and cut with the pattern; that way, it is long enough. You will need to cut this two times.

Gluing the Headband Pattern

  • Match up the two headband pieces with the pretty side facing inwards. We will turn the headband inside out once glued.
  • Use sewing clips or pins to hold one side of the headband together and keep the two pieces aligned.
  • Make sure your Surebonder glue gun is heated up and ready with the mini fabric glue sticks.
  • Fold back one side of the headband and add a thin line of glue. Then place the top pattern over the fabric glue.
  • Continue around until you reach the beginning, removing the pins or clips as you go, but make sure to leave a small opening so you can turn it right side out!
  • Use a corner turner or butterknife to turn the headband pretty side out.
  • Close the open end with some more fabric glue.

Wrapping Your Headband

  • Cut a thin long piece of matching fabric to wrap your headband base in. I cut mine to be about 20 inches long by 1 inch wide.
  • Grabbing your satin headband form, begin wrapping the strip of matching fabric around your headband base, securing with the hot fabric glue as you go.
  • Trim off any extra and finish the end on the inside of the headband.

Tying the Top Knot to Your Headband

  • Return to your fabric-glued headband piece and tie it around the top center of the covered headband form.
  • Spread the top knot out and make sure the sides are even to reach each end of the headband base.
  • Once you are happy with the knot placement, secure the top knot with glue to keep it from sliding around.
  • Secure the two ends of the fabric at the bottom of the headband where it rests on your ears. There should be just enough to wrap it inside the bottom edges of the headband for a finished look.
  • Optional – If the headband’s earpieces need extra finishing, you can always add a bit of thin satin-wrapped ribbon around the ends in a matching color.
  • And you’re finished! All that’s left is to show off your custom retro top knot headband for a night out on the town or make a matching one to twin with your favorite little girl!

How did your simple top knotted headband turn out? I want to see it! Please share it with me over in my Facebook group here! Don’t forget to pick up a Surebonder glue gun and some fabulous fabric glue to complete all your no-sew crafts!


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