How To Make Paper Poinsettia Flowers And Add Them To A Table Arrangement

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Christmas poinsettia arrangement craft

Paper poinsettia flowers are my most favorite holiday blossom to make! I have made many versions of these poinsettias over the years, from crepe paper poinsettias to giant wall poinsettia flowers. I thought it was time to create a tutorial on using the flowers in a Christmas paper poinsettia arrangement.

Today I will show you how to make my Snowy and Mistletoe style poinsettia flowers and add the flowers into an arrangement that can be displayed year after year in your home for the holidays!

Make a beautiful paper poinsettia arrangement for your Christmas table decor, to use year after year. Download the SVG cut files and PDF printables here.

Poinsettia Flower Tutorial

Before we can create our paper poinsettia arrangement, we need to make the poinsettias flowers. Let’s go over the supplies we will need for the entire project and then let’s review the assembly for the poinsettia paper flowers.

Supplies for making paper poinsettias as a Christmas table arrangement.

Supplies for Paper Poinsettia Arrangment

Download the Poinsettia, Holly, and Mistletoe Templates

Download these Mistletoe and Snowy style poinsettia flower templates along with hundreds of other designs inside my Member Vault. These poinsettia and greenery templates are normally a part of the paid membership but for this week only I am gifting them to you for FREE! Create an account here or login in here. Once inside, find them by searching “poinsettia” at the top!

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Making A Paper Poinsettia Arrangment

Let’s start with the poinsettia paper flowers. You will need to cut out the paper poinsettia petals on your Cricut machine with the SVG cut files, or you can use the PDF printables with a pair of scissors. Find the templates in the Vault here! Already a member? Login here.

Paper poinsettia flower tutorial for Christmas home decor.

How to Make a Paper Poinsettia

Here I am giving you a photo overview for making the poinsettias, but you can also watch my step-by-step video tutorial right here!

  1. Cut out the templates on your Cricut or use the PDF printable with a pair of scissors. I cut 2 larger petals and 2 smaller for 1 poinsettia flower.
  2. Prep the center by covering each pearl spray picks with white crepe paper and securing with floral tape. Leave just a little of the white crepe paper showing at the top of each pearl sprays.
  3. Attach the prepped pearl spray clusters to the floral stem wire with floral tape.
  4. Curl the poinsettia petals by using your thin wood dowel. Start by creasing each petal point down the center, then rolling back the edges around the dowel.
  5. Once your petals are prepped, start with the 2 smaller ones and poke the stem through the center, slide up to the top and secure with glue at the base of the pearl spray clusters.
  6. Repeat step 5 and aim to alternate your petal points.
  7. Continue with the 2 remaining larger poinsettia petals to complete the flower.
  8. Finish off the stem with a final wrap of the floral tape. And your poinsettia is complete!
Stemmed paper flower poinsettia craft tutorial.

Creating a Paper Poinsettia Table Arrangement

The first step to creating your paper poinsettia arrangement is to prep your leaves and base. Begin by cutting out many mistletoe and holly leaves. You can find these leaves with the poinsettia flower templates in the Vault!

I cut about 30-40 pieces of greenery. For some of the evergreen pieces, I glued two cutouts back to back with a wire in between to make it more flexible to the arrangement.

See how to make a paper mistletoe kissing ball in this tutorial!

Mistletoe and evergreen papercraft templates.

Next, cover your foam blocks with green tissue paper. This will ensure a nice green base and no white showing through. Fold the paper around the blocks like wrapping a gift and secure the tissue paper with hot glue. I also follow a similar method to my cascading flower bouquet.

Foam blocks for for paper flower arrangements.

Once you have wrapped the foam blocks in tissue paper, stack the smaller one on top of the larger one and glue the two blocks together. This will add height and depth to the poinsettia centerpiece.

Foam blocks for for paper flower arrangements.

Begin by covering the foam blocks with the greenery until it becomes hard to see the green tissue paper.

Cover your foam blocks with Christmas greenery.

Mix up the greenery and add in some of the stemmed mistletoe and evergreen to create more space to the arrangement.

Adding poinsettias to your DIY Christmas arrangement.

After most of your leaves are added pick 3-5 poinsettias to add by inserting the stems into the foam base. I made all my poinsettias in traditional red, pink, and white.

Paper berries and mistletoe craft template.

Finish the paper poinsettia arrangement by adding some paper berry sprigs or additional greenery so the centerpiece is lush and full. The paper berry templates are included in the download inside my Vault!

Make a beautiful paper poinsettia arrangement for your Christmas table decor, to use year after year. Download the SVG cut files and PDF printables here.

When you have finished adding your final touches, find a spot in your home, a dining table, or a mantle to display your creation!

Poinsettia Flower Table Arrangement

Poinsettia Flower Table Arrangement

Prep Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Active Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Total Time: 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate



  • See the full supply list above for all the tools I used to make this craft!


  1. First, watch the full assembly video for the poinsettia paper flowers or take a look at the picture overview above. Get the templates inside the Member Vault along with hundreds of others, or individually here!
  2. Once you have 3-5 poinsettia made, you will want to cut out a bunch of greenery. I have lots of holly and mistletoe greenery available in the Member Vault! Just search mistletoe. The amount of foliage you cut depends on how big you plan to make the arrangement. In general, I would cut no less than 30-40 pieces of greenery.
  3. Next, wrap the foam blocks in tissue paper and secure them with glue. Stack the blocks together and glue them, so they are one piece. See notes if you wish to use a vase instead!
  4. Begin gluing the greenery to the foam tissue-covered base. Glue two leaves back-to-back with a floral wire in between, if you wish to have stemmed foliage to stick into the base.
  5. After at least 75% of the foam base is full of leaves, start to press the poinsettias' stems into the top and arrange them as you like.
  6. To complete the paper poinsettia arrangement, fill in any bare spots with more mistletoe or evergreen leaves.
  7. Finally, find a table to display your masterpiece! This arrangement will stay fresh year after year!


To arrange the poinsettia flowers in a vase, trim your foam down to fit inside the base of the vase snuggly. Stick in your poinsettia flower's stems into the foam to hold them in place and style to your preference.

Are you looking for more Christmas flowers to add to the arrangement? Check out all the Christmas options in the Member Vault OR grab my complete Christmas bundle as a one-time purchase!

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