Full Bloom Garden Stemmed Paper Rose Tutorial with Templates

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Learn how to make easy DIY paper roses for wedding bouquets, arrangements and more with this step-by-step paper rose craft tutorial.

In today’s papercraft tutorial will show you how to make a stunning full bloom garden paper rose flower fully stemmed and with supporting leaves! This full bloom paper rose tutorial is easy enough for an adventurous beginner can do. Whether you own a cutting machine or just a trusty pair of scissors, you can make this everlasting paper rose craft. Some of my favorite ways to display my paper roses are in a handmade arrangement, wedding bouquet, or even added to a wreath.

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Abbi Kirsten Collections shares how to make easy paper flowers such as rose designs and more!

I am also a lover of all things Cricut, so you will see me use my Cricut machine today in our tutorial to make my paper roses, but don’t worry, the rose templates come in PDF printables for all my crafters who need to cut with their trusty pair of scissors

Paper flower bouquet.

Supply List for Making Paper Rose

  1. First, paper – Generally, I will always use 65 pound weighted cardstock paper. You can find this online or at local craft stores like Michaels, Joanns, etc. I do not recommend going any heavier than 65-pound cards and no lighter than 50 pound. Choose a color for your rose and then a shade of green for your leaves. 
  2. Next, you will need to decide if you are cutting by hand with a pair of scissors, or will you be using a cutting machine? My templates come in both compatible formats. I will be using my Cricut Maker today. 
  3. You will also need something to curl your petals with – a 1/2 wood dowel or a pen or pencil. 
  4. To build your paper rose, you will need to have a high temp hot glue gun on hand as well. My favorite glue gun is the Surebonder brand. 
  5. The following few supplies are optional, depending on how you want your rose to look. Adding things like distress ink will really bring life to your flower. If you use ink, be sure to have an ink dauber or ink brushes on hand. 
  6. If you plan to stem your paper rose, you will need to have 18 gauge wire on hand and some corsage tape
  7. I also will be using some green crepe paper strips to build my stem up. 
  8. For our leaf assembly, Tacky glue and thin 24 gauge wire are required. You may also want to have a pair of wire clippers on hand. Don’t be afraid to improvise with other tools you might have on hand. 
  9. Lastly, to make these paper roses, you also need patience for yourself and plan to have fun!
Supplies for paper flower tutorials.

Download the Paper Rose Templates

There are two ways to access my garden rose templates, first is through my Member Vault where you will get this rose template AND hundreds of more designs, like Cricut crafts, flower templates, and printables, or you can grab it as an individual download here!

Garden Paper Rose Video Tutorial

Cut Out the Rose Petal Templates

Begin by cutting out your paper rose templates. You can use a cutting machine like Cricut or a pair of scissors with the PDF printables. I use 7 rose petals per paper rose. These rose templates can be scaled to various sizes with a cutting machine. If you are using the PDF printables I include two size variations.

Curious about Cricut crafting? Read my buyer’s guide here.

Paper flower rose tutorial with templates.

Adding Distress Ink to Your Petals

After you cut out your petals, it’s time to distress them. This is optional but adds a lot of depth to the paper roses. I use Tim Holtz Distress Ink with these fine bristle brushes.

To distress the petals, ink your brush and gently rub the ink onto the petal in a circular motion on each petal point. You will want to leave the tips of the petals untouched for a nice ombre fading color effect.

Here you also see an ink glass board. I love my Tim Holz glass media mat because it helps the ink go on with less intensity. Plus, it is easy to clean and keep my desk surface from getting permanently discolored.

How to apply distress ink to paper flower petals.

Curling Your Rose Petals

To curl your paper rose petals use a wood dowel of pen/pencil to wrap each petal point around the pen so it curls. Repeat this with all the petals.

With 5 of 7 petals tuck all the petal points in the same direction, and twist to get the petals to stand up.

Making Your Paper Rose

How to make easy DIY paper roses for wedding bouquets, arrangements.
  1. To build the paper rose, open out two of your petal layers. Glue one on top of the other, alternating the petal points.
  2. Repeat the last step until all 5 petals layers are added and only two remain.
  3. To build the rose center tuck and twist the petals tightly together with one of the petal layers.
  4. Glue in the center-most bud onto the last rose petal layer.
  5. To finish the center, glue each of the right side of the petal points to the rose bud center, creating a spiral effect. See video for more details.
  6. To finish the rose glue in your center!
How to stem a paper flower for arrangements and wedding bouquets.

Stemming Your Rose Blossom

Creating stems is not at all hard. I have been using this method for years and it works to stem any paper flower instantly!

Using 18 gauge wire bend the tip at a 90-degree angle about 1 inch down from the top – then form a small circle at the tip.

Thread your stem through the rose-leaf base. Add glue to the base and press it to the bottom of your rose to complete the stem. To thicken the stem wrap it in crepe paper and finish it off with floral corsage tape.

Creating Paper Rose Leaf Stems

If you wish to add extra leaves to your vase of paper roses, use the 24 gauge wire to sandwich it between two leave cutouts with tacky glue. Repeat the process with several more leaves then build out the brand using the floral corsage tape and connect them together.

There you have it! An easy and beautiful paper rose craft project. You can make many of these for stunning bouquets or arrangements. What questions do you have about my garden paper rose flower tutorial? Ask me below!

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    Thanks for the great tutorial!
    Carolyn Cline

    1. Hi Carolyn! When the new tab opens for the SVG file please right-click and select Save As to download it to your computer. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the reply.
    Since I do not have the VIP pass it will not open today.
    I can always cut by hand if I need to.

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