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DIY Your Own Giant Paper Flowers Like A Pro!

The Art of Giant Paper Flowers Ebook & Template Bundle

A Step by Step Guide to Larger Than Life Blooms!

10,000+ Copies Sold Worldwide!

  • Anyone who is a beginner to paper flowers
  • Hobbyists
  • Anyone who wants to DIY their own custom party decorations. 
  • DIY Brides on a budget for their wedding 
  • Mothers who want to decorate their little one's room
  • Home decorators
  • Photographers
  • Small business owners
  • Party/Event decorators
  • Anyone who loves to craft!
  • Instant lifetime access to my 16 best-selling templates. 
  • 7 Original Giant Rose Templates  
  • 9 Original Giant Flower Templates  
  • 1 Rosette Center, 2 rose centers, and Pompom Center  
  • 2 Leaf Templates, 1 Vine Template  
  • PDF printables included for hand cutting with scissors. 
  • SVG & DXF cut files included for Cricut and Silhouette users. 
  • Picture tutorials for each flower in the book plus video tutorial links. 
  • My exclusive full supply list with links to all my favorite products!  
Download Your Ebook & Template Bundle

Start Creating Your Paper Flowers Instantly! 

Full Ebook & Template Bundle

Take a peak at the easy beautiful flowers waiting for you!

Templates come in SVG, DXF and PDF Formats!

Having access to SVG, DXF and PDF formats means you can use your cutting machine or hand cut using scissors! 

SVG cut files work with Cricut and Designer Silhouette. DXF files work with basic Silhouette studio and PDF printable petal outlines are compatible on any home printer or can be sent to a printer! Easy peesy!


Over the last few years the collection of flowers has continued to grow! Especially the paper rose collection. 

If you purchase this Ebook and template bundle in the next 30 minutes you will receive 2 bonuses to add to your template bundle! This offer cannot be found or given anywhere else!  

Bonus number one includes the best-selling Alora style giant paper rose template! Ideal for stunning backdrops!

Step by step video tutorial will show you how to make these gorgeous classic beauties!

Bonus number two is my full set of rolled rosette designs! Perfect for giant flower centers, arrangements, wreaths, gift box toppers and more!

You will get 10 rosette variation templates! 

With the above bonuses you will have 27+ trendy templates + the Ebook to use over and over again!

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Customer Creations & Testimonials

Just a small sample of the many happy customers!

Patricia says, "I love this book and template bundle, I was totally amazed about how it explains step by step to make it easier to understand and be able to make some beautiful flowers."

Joy says, "This book gave me all the info I needed to make flowers for my daughters graduation party! Very easy to understand. Great product, definitely recommend!"  

Barb says... "I have never made paper flowers before and this was my very first one. I know I need practice but not bad for my first try. That is how good her templates and tutorials are!"

Maggie says, "I love this book! I haven't found any other books of its kind out there. Very pleased."  

A note from Abbi

Hi there! I'm Abbi! 

I've spent 9+ years as a professional crafter and my entire life as a craft hobbyist. Over the last decade, I have taught thousands of crafters like you to make their own paper flowers. 

I wanted to share this with others on a higher level, and that's why I wrote my book, The Art of Giant Paper Flowers, in 2015. 

I know what it is like to want to get crafty; to decorate your wedding, party, or home with your own special touch, but you feel a little stuck. 

You need someone to show you the steps and give you the resources to create what you envision! 

After years of paper crafting and designing 250+ signature template designs, I can help you do just that! This incredible value is not offered anywhere else, and my book is the only one of its kind!  


This offer is not available anywhere else!

Download Your Ebook and Template Bundle

Q: What if I don’t have a cutting machine? A: Don't sweat it buttercup! Printable PDFs are included for all the flowers in this bundle. You can either, print directly onto the paper and cut out or print once, laminate and trace your petals onto your cardstock. Q: What other supplies will I need? A: Basic supplies will include a glue gun & gl&e sticks, plus scissors and cardstock paper. A full recommended supply list is included. Q: What size will these flower make? A: A majority of my templates will make 17-18 inches wide flowers once built. The exceptions are the small Regina rose that will measure 11 inches and the Alana style can go up to 21 inches. Q: Can I make the flowers in different sizes? A: Yes! With almost all the flowers included you will be able to easily downsize by subtracting the use of the largest petal to create a smaller flower. If you want to go bigger then add extra layers of petals! Q: Will you teach me how to make a backdrop? A: While there are many ways of creating a backdrop, I do included a PVC frame tutorial in the Ebook that goes over a free-standing backdrop method! Plus I have a simple tabletop backdrop method as well!

Q: What if I am not crafty? Can beginner's make your flowers? A: I gotcha covered! There are certainly templates, such as the rose designs that require more skill, but my basic designs are overall simple in nature to make. I have had hundreds of newbies successfully make my designs. Practice and patience is all you really need! Q: What kind of paper do I use and where can I find it? A: That's easy! 65 pound weight cardstock is best to use. You can find this at mainstream craft stores. If you are looking for bulk paper I include links to that in the supply list. Q: How will I hang my flowers? A: There are full details on this included in the resources of the Ebook. Some options are mounting tape, fashioning a wire hook (this is taught in the bundle) and pins for fabric hanging. Q: How exactly will I receive the digital items? A: Once you checkout a link to my Dropbox folder with your Ebook. Info will be sent to your email. Please double check your email at checkout! Q: What is your refund policy? A: I always want my customers to be happy with their purchases! If you have a concern contact me and I will do everything I can to help. If you feel a resolution cannot be reached then we can discuss a refund. 

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