Are you tired of…

  • Feeling like your Cricut Joy or Joy Xtra is too complex?
  • Getting frustrated by unfamiliar terminology?
  • Running into technical issues that leave you feeling hopeless?
  • Struggling to find guidance for your unique questions?
  • Trying to learn by trial and error?
  • Feeling lost in the Cricut Design Space software?
  • Wondering about material compatibility?
  • Experiencing disappointment because you feel creatively blocked?

You are not alone

If you are constantly bewildered, overwhelmed, puzzled, intimated, or just plain uninspired by the idea of trying to understand your Cricut Joy or Joy Xtra machine, it’s not your fault. Thousands of creatives find themselves caught in the creativity-crushing nightmare that I call, “Cricut-Confusion Trap.” I always wished and waited for a day when learning your Cricut machine didn’t have to feel like an unwelcomed “chore.”

But here’s the problem..

The solution isn’t trying to Google more answers to your questions, hunt and peck through YouTube videos, or wander aimlessly through a jumble of outdated and new resources with no one to direct you or answer your questions. Instead, it’s about embracing a NEW JOY-FILLED LEARNING FRAMEWORK for all skill levels that focuses on the right skills at the right time, which will see you through every phase of your creative journey.

Most new Cricut crafters are drowning in questions and endless amounts of information taught by random people who may or may not understand your learning stage. If you do not see the joy in crafting or the results you want when you make a project, then it’s time to try something different.

If you want 100% JOY-FILLED CRICUT CRAFTING, then you have to take a different approach. You must unblock your creativity by learning from a consistent source and get the support and guidance you need to answer your unique questions along the way.

Even the most creative individuals can get trapped in the thoughts like..

  • I’m not smart enough to learn the tech
  • I’m not creative enough to make something I am proud of
  • What do I do if I get stuck?
  • Did I waste my money on this machine?

Start every project feeling excited and confident.

Yes, you can achieve total confidence when using your Cricut Joy and Cricut Joy Xtra machine – without feeling constantly scattered, stressed, or intimidated.

This could be you

  • “I’m finally making all the crafts I’ve always wanted.”
  • “This year, I made handmade cards for every occasion, and my family loved them!”
  • “Design Space tech no longer stops me from confidently bringing my creative ideas to life”
  • “I now clearly understand my machine material compatibility, which helps me create exactly what I have envisioned”
  • “Tech issues are no longer stopping me from crafting. If an issue arises, I know how to fix it or where to go to seek help”
  • “Crafting is my happy place, and I don’t feel annoyed or stressed anymore when I sit down to use my machine”

By the end of this Program, You’ll be able to…

🎉 Master design space

Easily learn how to master all the functions and tools inside Cricut Design Space. This is where you will create a bulletproof foundation inside of Design Space BEFORE jumping into projects, which will save you loads of wasted time and materials!  

✂️ Confidently Create Any Craft

One of the best ways to master your Cricut and build your craft skills is to practice new activities through a series of graduating skills. We cover all the materials, such as foiling, paper crafts, writing, leather, iron-on, vinyl, smart materials, Infusible Ink, and more.  

🎁 Whip Up Handmade Gifts or Decor

Making personalized gifts and custom decor for your home or special parties/events is the #1 reason creators purchase a Cricut machine. The skills we teach in this program will supply you with endless insight into creating gifts and decor for any occasion while showcasing your unmatched creativity.

🌟 Skyrocket your Creative Joy

Crafting has one purpose: to ignite joy and explore a deeper connection that allows your creativity to flourish. Creative joy is born when we embrace curiosity and actively grow our handmade skills. Creating with our hands opens up channels of self-expression, relaxation, and a sense of satisfaction and purpose, which is foundational to joyful contentment.

Success Stories!

Here is what our students have to say about The Joy of Cricut program and how it helped them grow their creative skills.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“This course has been so valuable since I purchased my Cricut a few months ago. Learning the ins and outs of Design Space has been a terrific help! Before, I would often forget when to use certain tools, but this course has been the best help ever.”
Confidence Cricut Crafter
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Best thing I have ever done to learn my Cricut. I joined and haven’t been able to do anything else but learn and watch all the tutorials! Best class, encouraging. I can’t wait to see what I will learn next. Thank you, Abbi!”
Confident Cricut Crafter

The Joy of Cricut Curriculum

Unit 1: 6+ Lessons

Get set up for success

  • Embrace your creativity and let go of negativity
  • Unboxing and Machine Set Up
  • Guide To Cricut Tools and Accessories
  • Cricut Joy Anatomy Printable Guide
  • Cricut Mat Manual
  • Compatible Materials Guide

Unit Two: 24+ Lessons

Dominate Design Space

  • Design Space Set Up + General Navigation (4 lessons)
  • Uploading Designs and Patterns (2 lessons)
  • Edit Bar and Operation Tools (5 lessons)
  • Layer’s Panel Magic (1 lesson)
  • Slice, Combine, Attach, Contour, Flatten Tools (5 lessons)
  • Creating Offsets (1 lesson)
  • Guide to Text and Fonts (3 lessons)
  • Color Syncing (1 lesson)
  • Design Space Updates (1 lesson)
  • Materials and Cut Screen Settings (1 lesson)

Unit Three: 5+ Lessons

Paper Crafts & Writing

  • Handmade Cards (with and without the card mat)
  • Paper Flower Shadow Box
  • Foil Gift Tags
  • Smart Labels + Writing
  • Bonus Project: Drawing Affirmations

Unit Four: 5+ Lessons

Iron-on & Infusible Ink

  • EasyPress Anatomy Guide
  • Custom Bookmarks With Iron-On Vinyl
  • Monogram T-shirt With Iron-On Vinyl
  • Infusible Ink Coasters
  • Bonus Project: Infusible Ink MugPres

Unit Five: 5+ Lessons

Adhesive Vinyl & Stickers

  • Custom Flower Pot With Vinyl
  • Glass Can Wraps (Layering Vinyl)
  • Faux Leather and Vinyl Keychains
  • Custom Totes With Printable Iron-On (Joy Xtra Only)
  • Print Then Cut Stickers (Joy Xtra Only)

Choose The Joy Of Cricut Plan That is Best For You




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5 advanced bonuses – free

Paper perfection printable bonus for the JOy of Cricut master course

Paper Perfection Guide

5-Pro Tips For Cutting Cardstock With Cricut

Intricate paper projects causing frustration due to tearing or material issues? The Paper Perfection Guide will give you the top 5 quick fixes to get any papercraft design cut out with accuracy and clean edges!

  • FREE – Included with The Joy of Cricut
Sanity saving vinyl hacks printable bonus for the Joy of Cricut master course

Sanity-Saving Vinyl Hacks Guide

26 Best Tips and Tricks For Using Vinyl And Minimizing Waste!

Using vinyl is one of the biggest perks of owning a Cricut machine. However, vinyl can wage war on your sanity, too. From weeding tips to storage solutions and little-known secrets for using vinyl, this guide will teach you how to elevate your vinyl game like a pro!

  • FREE – Included with The Joy of Cricut
Better together font pairing guide printable bonus for the Joy of Cricut master course

Better Together Font Guide

Magical Font Pairing Techniques and Resource List

Fonts are fun! In this guide, you will learn to get access to a list of the best fonts to use with your Cricut machine. Additionally, learn how to mix and match fonts for perfect typography compilation every time!

  • FREE – Included with The Joy of Cricut
Community support bonus for the Joy of Cricut master course

Community Support

Email and Community Support Group

Nothing great is ever done by one person alone! Our support system is here to see you succeed. Use the community Facebook group to ask questions and show off your progress! Need more personalized support? Reach out anytime via email for direct help!

  • FREE – Included with The Joy of Cricut


Cricut confidence ebook bonus for the Joy of Cricut Students
Free with the joy of cricut program

Cricut Confidence Page-by-Page Printable Guide

A Step-by-Step Guide to Confidently Mastering ALL Design Space Functions on Desktop, iOS, and Android Devices. This 200-page guide will teach you how to master all Cricut Design Space functions with easy-to-understand, bite-sized lessons.

Value: $127

FREE – Included with The Joy of Cricut

14 day money back guarantee seal

You’re covered by our Try-it and Apply-It guarantee.

Complete at least three lessons, and if you don’t experience increased happiness and confidence in your Cricut machine before the refund deadline, get your money back.

Success Stories!

Here is what our students have to say about The Joy of Cricut program and how it helped them grow their creative skills.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“I am a newbie when it comes to learning Cricut, but your course has been worth every penny. I would recommend this to any new Cricut crafter!”
Confidence Cricut Crafter
Joy of Cricut course reviews
Joy of Cricut course reviews
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“I have a new outlook on life because of your tutorials. I love watching and learning with Abbi because it is so easy to understand. Thank you so much.”
Confident Cricut Crafter
Joy of Cricut course reviews
Joy of Cricut Reviews

Let’s Recap Everything

Here is exactly what is waiting inside the Joy of Cricut…

The Joy of Cricut Master Course Program

A powerful step-by-step system that lets you take back the joy of crafting with your Cricut machine. This program will cover all the creative skills you need to craft confidently with your Cricut Joy or Joy Xtra model.

  • $749 Value

3 Bonus Printable Guides

Level up with our printable guides that teach everything from troubleshooting cardstock projects to choosing the best fonts and learning the best-kept secrets for working with vinyl.

  • $161 Value

Cricut Confidence Page-by-Page Printable Guide

Easy to Understand Step-by-Step Lessons for Cricut Design Space Software. Whether you own a computer, iOS, or Android device Cricut Confidence will teach you each step of the way.

  • $127 Value

Community Support

Say goodbye to Googling for answers. Use our email support to get questions answered, or post in our Facebook community group for help and feedback or to show off your creations.

  • Priceless

Total Joy of Cricut Value $1037

Your Investment Only $97

Who The Joy of Cricut is For…and NOT for

The Joy of Cricut is NOT a good fit if You
  • Are constantly comparing your creative journey to someone else’s
  • Refuse to practice lessons in a progressive order
  • Are unwilling to reshape your beliefs around your creative potential
  • Won’t walk out the process because you tell yourself it won’t work
The Joy of Cricut is Specifically For…
  • A creative ready to embrace the process, including highs and lows
  • Follows the system and lessons laid out for you
  • Chooses to believe that you are as creative as anyone else
  • Knows that will practice and patience they have everything they need to succeed

What is your creativity worth to you?

  • Gain back all the time you have wasted trying to search for answers about using your machine
  • Finally, make that craft you have been itching to try
  • Have the skills to give your family and friends personalized handmade gifts
  • Enjoy the therapeutic pastime and satisfaction of making something with your hands

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