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Top Favorite Giant Paper Flower Backdrops

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A woman stands in front of a colorful paper flower backdrop made with giant paper flowers in purple, yellow, pink, and blue. A banner across the image says "Easy DIY Giant Paper Flowers"

My Favorite Paper Flower Backdrops + Flower Templates

When you sell a lot of paper flower backdrop templates, one of the delights of the job is getting to see how your customer’s creations turn out! Many people always tell me that I inspire them, but the truth is my customers are the source of my inspiration! One of the main reasons I get so happy to see my customer’s creations is that everyone has their own style. I can always see the essence of the original flower templates with a unique personal touch given by each customer.

I’ve started to accumulate quite a few pictures that have been shared with me over the past 3 years and wanted to share some of my favorites together. If you need an inspiration power boost for your next paper flower project then take a look at some of these fantastic creations below. Weddings, parties, showers, nursery decor, and more, paper flower backdrop templates can be used in so many creative ways to bring to life something special.

At the end of the post, you will find links to all the flowers listed below the images so you can create your own magical backdrop!

Paper Flower Backdrops for Birthday Parties, Showers & More

A large paper flower banner hangs on a wooden fence. The paper flowers on the backdrop are pink, purple, cream, blue, and deep red colors. A buffet table covered in a white tablecloth has a "happy birthday" banner hanging across the front.
Find this template set here.
Colorful paper wisteria flowers hang from the ceiling over a table. A small single tier cake sits in the center of the table below.
Paper wisteria at a fairy birthday party!
Two young girls wearing Easter bunny ears post with their pet dog, also wearing a pair of Easter bunny ears. In the background, giant paper flowers hang on a white wall. Easter eggs are scattered on the floor around the girls and dog.
Everly and Priscilla templates shown here.
Giant paper flowers in various shades of pink adorn a wooden wall behind a party dessert table. The table is covered with a glittery gold tablecloth and is filled with cakes and cupcakes.
Find this paper flower backdrop template set here.
This Moana-themed snack table includes tropical paper flowers hanging on the wall in shades of white, pink, and blue. A tropical leaf banner hangs on the front of the table, which is filled with boxes of snacks.
A close up look at the Hawaiian flowers mounted on a seagrass background at a Moana-themed birthday party. The paper flowers are made with blue, white, yellow, and coral colored paper.
I fell super hard for this Moana birthday set using my Hawaiian flowers!
Colorful paper flowers in shades of pink, mint, and blue hang over a baby girl's crib on the white wall of her nursery.
This beautiful arrangement has been my number-one seller of all time! Find the template set with leaves here.
A variety of colorful giant paper flowers make up this background, set up at an outdoor party. Vines of grass hang from the paper flowers, creating a perfect photo background. Cake stands and platters are laid out on the table in front of the giant paper flower backdrop.
Charlotte, Priscilla, Cora, and Bella flowers displayed beautifully here!
A pink and gold paper flower backdrop surrounds this three-tier birthday cake. The flowers are all different types in shade of pink, gold, cream, and purple.
Find this pink and gold set here.
These are the latest batch of shared paper flower decor and I love how they are so simply beautiful and bring out some lovely smiling faces!

Two young women pose next to three giant paper flowers hanging on a white wall within a large white frame. The flowers are pink and silver with one gold accent leaf.

Whether you use these for home decor, a fancy wedding reception, or even just a few accent pieces to compliment your other decor, like this photo above, paper flowers can fit anywhere!

But I have to say there is one downside to paper flower making. Now that I just sell the templates, I have to eventually empty my studio space. The idea of throwing them away is so sad! I’m always searching for a good home to send my flowers on to. Drop me a note if you would like to adopt some of my paper flowers!

A collage of two paper flower backdrops. The top photo features paper flowers in various shades of blue and purple hanging on a wooden fence. The bottom photo features mostly white flowers, all giant and arranged around hay bales. The largest flower has white fairy lights wrapped around it.

This beautiful set includes, Charlotte, Arielle, Everly and Priscilla style flowers.

I enjoy seeing each and everyone’s creations come to life. If you have created some paper flowers using my templates, or even your own versions, I would love to see and share them! Be sure tag #DIYwithAbbi to be featured!

Paper Flower Templates for Your Party Backdrops!

Flower templates used in the above images:


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My mission at Abbi Kirsten Collections is to inspire you to nurture the creative magic inside your soul – bringing you fun, easy to learn DIY projects, and quality template designs. I share a variety of projects but specifically love paper crafting and paper flowers. Interested in more flower tutorials?! I’ve created dozens of signature designs for you to enjoy – starting with my best seller, The Art of Giant Paper Flowers, the Giant Flower Library and my shop of endless paper designs and flower templates.

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  1. What do you do with the paper flowers you no longer want? I would love to use them to decorate my classroom which is Monet's garden themed, but I don't know that I have the time to create all the flowers. Do you ever donate your flowers?

  2. Abigail Gillespie says:

    Hi! Yes I do donate my flowers when my studio gets full. Right now I just sent out a big donation but in a few weeks it will fill up again. My only requirement is to pay for shipment but the flowers are free of charge! 🙂

    1. I wonder if you still donate your flower, was wanting some for my daughter’s room, she’s 13 ..thank you

      1. Hi, I currently do not have any flowers for donation, but you can check back in a few months and I may have some then.

  3. I am highly interested!

  4. Thomasine says:

    Would you happen to have any you are considering to donate right now? Looking to build a backdrop for my wedding ceremony next June. If so I’m VERY INTERESTED!

    1. Hi, I don’t have many right now. But there is a good chance I will have some more as I roll into Spring. I will keep you in mind and let you know. 🙂

      1. Thomasine glover says:

        Awesome! Thanks Abbi ❤

  5. Hello, I was wondering if you were able to donate some flowers to my daughters first birthday on Easter Day.. I love work and creativity..

    1. HI Misha,
      I do have a 10 roses that used to hang in my daughters room in purples, pink and grey that I would be happy to send if you would like to cover the shipping. They are still in good condition. I can email you a photo if you want to contact me at [email protected]

  6. Cathy Miranda says:

    Hi I love your work. I’ve tried to make my own but they don’t come out so well. I was wondering if you have any to donate I’d love some for my daughters room. I’d love Roses since that’s my daughters middle name 🙂

    1. Hi, I do have a small set of roses 9 or 10 in pink, purple and grey. They used to hang in my daughter’s room but now need a good home. They are still in good condition. If you are interested and would like to pay for shipping please email me at [email protected] 🙂

  7. Michelle P. says:

    Your flowers are BEAUTIFUL!! I have a HUGE vendor show coming up March 24th. I would love to have some of these if you have any on hand. I’d be more than happy to pay for shipping! ?

    1. Hi. Thank you! I do have a few pink, purple and grey roses right now. There is someone else interested but if they don’t respond or fall through I will let you know. 🙂

  8. Yes love the colorful spring spread. I have a nonprofit children’s dental office that these would look great in the kids would LOVE them!

  9. I love your flowers! I am a teacher at a low income school. Would you have any flowers to donate?

    1. Hi Megan,
      Yes, I actually do have a few flowers that could use a home. They are in a variety of colors, pinks, peach, purple. If you are interested in covering shipping please contact me at [email protected]

  10. Hi Abbi,
    I love your creations!☺ They are so vibrant, bringing ordinary rooms to life. I have a women’s conference coming up and I would love to adopt some of your flowers to use for a back drop. Do you have any flowers in need of a home?

    1. Hi,
      Yes, I do have a few roses in need of a home. They are in pink, white, peach and some yellow. I do ask that shipping is covered by the receiver. If you are interested please email me at [email protected]. 🙂

  11. Hi Abbi,,
    I’m looking to build a photo back drop for my daughter’s bridal shower. Let me know if you have any flower’s you’d like to donate.. I will pay the shipping. I love your work

  12. Hi!
    These are beautiful! Thank you for the free template!

  13. Pam Ragan says:

    Hi Abby,
    I am trying to help my son and his fiancé with their wedding. He is in the military and does not get much pay so I am having to make everything. If you have any flowers left in pastel colors I would gladly pay the shipping. I also need to purchase the files for the flowers, I have just purchased a cricut maker and am assuming it would work. I do have a question, how do you hang them?
    Thank you so much

  14. Nicole Drew says:

    Your flowers are amazing! I am a tk teacher in California and I am trying to get my room ready for the school year. If you are still donating I would love some for my room. I have been trying some on my own but I am a long ways away from what I need. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  15. Hello- my tiny tots cheerleaders are in a small town parade with the theme ‘let the good times grow’! Do you have any flowers you are hoping to clear out of your studio? They would fit the theme so perfectly. Thanks!