Learn my 3 Key Secrets to Mastering Your Cricut Machine 


In this Masterclass YOU WILL LEARN 1 The 3 Biggest Mistakes You May be Making with Your Cricut Hint: These are probably the reasons you feel overwhelmed with your Cricut.  

2 My 3 Step System to Becoming a Cricut Master Hint: These are the best ways to stop your frustrations for good. 

3 Why YouTube is Not Your Best Friend When it Comes to Learning Cricut Functions There are some GREAT videos out there but there is a reason you still feel lost after watching them! 

4 The Secret to Unleash Your Creative Potential 99% of Cricut crafters think they can't do this and waste lots of money because of it!

"Learning new craft skills was so fun. I have expanded my projects like never before. I even have friends and family asking me to make things all the time and I love it! I really love how Abbi teaches and shares the right way to go about learning to craft with a Cricut! It makes a HUGE difference!" 

- Jackie

This is a Must Attend If... 

  • You DON’T feel confident inside of Cricut Design Space and are often confused during projects. 
  • You are a Cricut beginner and feel overwhelmed at the idea of learning the machine. 
  • You’ve been trying to learn Design Space on your own through YouTube but can't seem to piece it together. 
  • You believe you have to purchase all the craft files you want to use with your Cricut to create your crafts. 

Don't throw away the money you spent on your Cricut machine. More importantly, don't lose out on your amazing creative potential!

"I wish I had listened to this advice when I was just getting started with my Cricut crafts. If you’re willing to invest just 60 minutes I will help you understand the key steps you need to take so you no longer have to feel overwhelmed or lost when you sit down to create ANY craft.  

This class is most ideally suited for beginners, but unless you consider yourself a Cricut and craft design expert you will definitely take some nuggets of knowledge with you by the end! My framework to help you master your Cricut crafts will have you leapfrogging over everyone else googling for answers."