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Welcome! I’m Abbi Kirsten. When I am not crafting rainbows of color in my studio, you can find me designing paper flowers SVG files while cuddling with my kids, husband, and furbabies. My bucket of creative ideas is always overflowing, and spreading the joy of crafting is truly why I love what I do! In addition to my love (ahem..obsession) for colorfully crafting, I have a passion for helping other small businesses achieve lasting success!


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The Art of Giant Paper Flowers

This site isn’t just about me but about helping you find the joy of creativity in yourself. Creativity has a healing and peaceful power that I hope you will discover and enjoy in the projects I share. Abbi Kirsten Collections was born from adversity. I struggled deeply with anxiety, depression, and self-destructive behavior for years. I know exactly what it is like to use crafting as a means of escape. My healing process has come through building this blog, my creative hub of happiness, support from my family, and God’s love. 




Paper Flowers & Products

Abbi Kirsten Collections Cricut tutorials, paper flower crafts and DIY projects.

Welcome to Abbi Kirsten Collections!

Welcome to my colorful corner of the internet, where I play with vibrant crafts and help crafters like you unlock their creative magic! I’m excited to share my creative oasis with you, overflowing with a collection of colorful inspirations and DIY projects! Hang out with me and get lost in a fun array of designs, tutorials, and products, from stunning papercraft ideas to flower templates, Cricut help for beginners, to endless crafter’s hacks. 

DIY paper flower tutorial. Giant paper flower templates for Cricut. Small paper flower templates for arrangements and bouquets.

Paper Flowers and Crafts

Papercrafts are an active passion at Abbi Kirsten Collections. Paper flowers are front and center, from large florals to giant roses perfect for backdrop decorations at parties and weddings. Play with making lovely paper blooms in a variety of hues, sizes, and shapes. 

Learn to make crepe paper flowers, dahlias, peonies, hanging wisteria, roses, paper flowers bouquets; with the help of my hundreds of flower templates are available.

Cricut projects for beginners. Cricut Design Space help and tutorials.

Cricut Projects and Design Space Tutorials

I’m incredibly passionate about helping beginners learn to use their Cricut machines! Cricut machines allow crafters to soar with vinyl projects, intricate papercrafts, engravings, fabric, and so much more. Getting started with your Cricut can feel challenging, but with my free Cricut beginner’s workshop and tutorials, you can cut through the overwhelm and start creating stunning Cricut projects faster!

Whether you are a hobbyist, who enjoys making handmade Christmas gifts for your loved ones, DIY seasonal home decor, or a fellow handmade craft business looking to grow, my community is here as a source of help and inspiration!

Above all, creativity is infinite relaxing, uplifting, fulfilling, and healing, as I have experienced first-hand. I’d love to hear more about your creative journey; introduce yourself here in our Facebook community!