Create Layers And Shadows Using Offset in Cricut 

Using an Offset is a fabulous way to make text pop or add more layers for additional colors with vinyl projects, paper crafts and more!

In this Cricut tutorial, I will show you how to use the Offset feature in Cricut Design Space!

Offsets will work with:

1. Text 2. SVG images, single or grouped 3. PNG or Jpeg images

Print then cuts such as stickers or labels – before you flatten a design for print then cut try creating a large offset.

Best Ways To Use Offsets

Use offset to create a layer behind text on cards or when layering vinyl/iron-on. Anytime text is a struggle to read an offset can fix that!

Use offsets to create new layers with the Slice tool! I chose one single image, created an offset, then Sliced the original design from my offset layer.

As a result, I have two beautiful layers that will work well for layering a paper card!

Create offsets on imported PNG or Jpeg images for Print Then Cut projects.