Create Layers and Shadows With Offset 

In today's Cricut tutorial, I will show you how to use the Offset feature in Cricut Design Space!

Offsets will work with text, SVG images single or grouped and PNG or Jpeg images.

Before you can use the offset feature, you need to add a shape or text to your canvas. Go ahead and type out your text or add an image to the canvas.

Add A Shape Or Text To Your Canvas

Next, select your text or image and click on the Offset icon at the top. A new dropdown will appear to edit the width and style of your offset.

Before applying your offset, select if you want a sharp square corner or a rounded corner. Tick your selection in the offset box.

Once you have finished setting your offset click Apply and a new layer, labeled, Offset, will appear in the Layer’s Panel to your right.

You can also apply Offsets to shapes! Negative offsets or correctly known as insets can also be created by using negative numbers in the offset panel.