How To Upload SVG and Image Files to Cricut Design Space

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Are you wondering how to upload SVG files and images to Cricut Design Space? This tutorial will teach you which file formats to use and how to add images to customize your Cricut crafts.

Learning how to upload an SVG file to Cricut Design Space, especially a design of your own, is one of the most freeing and exciting aspects of owning a Cricut machine. Beginners have many questions when they first get started, like, “does Cricut use SVG files?” (yes, they are the best file types to use) or “how to upload multiple files to Cricut Design Space?” (you can’t). The one I hear most often is, “How can I upload SVG files or my images to Cricut Design Space?”

Cricut Access provides thousands of images to use, but most of us want to use files we find around the web from bloggers or on Etsy to create the perfect project. Some crafters even take to designing their SVG cut files or converting images for their projects, which is an amazing skill to have, and I can teach you can do it too in my Cricut Confidence Ebook!

To bring your art to life, you need to understand cutting machines and the associated software and take advantage of all they offer. This tutorial will explain how to upload files, including your own images, into Cricut Design Space.

Types Of Files to Use with Cricut Design Space

What is an SVG file for Cricut? First, a beginner to Cricut needs to know the difference between image file types, including the particular SVG file type. The following is a brief overview of SVG and other file types. Currently, Cricut only accepts these file formats:

  1. SVG – An SVG cut file is a graphic format that stands for scalable vector graphics. This will be the #1 file you will use when crafting with your Cricut. SVG files give you the ability to layer by color with various materials like cardstockvinyl, felt, etc.
  2. DXF – Similar to SVG files, but I do not recommend them because they do not save with the same content data as SVG, and therefore they are an inferior quality to an SVG file. Always opt for using SVG files.
  3. PNG or JPEG – A PNG is just like a clipart image. For example, if you were to type in ‘flower clipart’ into Google, all the images would be PNG or JPEG. What makes them different? Clipart images are flattened designs – meaning the colors are blended and you cannot separate each layer by color. 

Instead, Design Space uses PNG or JPEG image files for Print Then Cut projects. A Print Then Cut image prints a colored image on your home printer (inkjet only), and then your Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore cuts the outline out. The only difference between PNG and JPEG images is that JPEG is typically lower resolution, and PNG has a more crisp result.Ultimately either can work in Design Space.

  1. GIF and BMP – GIFs (graphic interchange format) can be a single picture or many images that create an animation loop. A BMP is a raster graphics image comprised of rectangular pixels. I have never needed to use these file types.

How to Upload SVG and Image Files: Video and Step-by-Step Instructions

If you want to see a step-by-step video tutorial of uploading SVG and other files, click here. I have also outlined the process and included pictures and easy-to-follow written instructions below.

Step 1: Select New Project

Open Design Space and click New Project. The canvas workspace will open.

Step 2: Upload Image

The workspace will show a grid with a menu bar along the left side called the Design Panel, as seen in the picture below. Use this page as your virtual desktop. Select the Upload button at the bottom of the Design Panel to your left to upload an image. 

This grid is the canvas workspace page for Design Space, where you will upload SVG and all image files.

Once you choose Upload Image from the Design Panel, you will be taken to the Upload Page. This page will give you two options: upload an Image or a Pattern Fill. Choose Image. If you have uploaded images and files before, you may see thumbnails of them in a row underneath these options. You can only upload images in the following formats: .jpeg, .gif, .png, .svg, .bmp, or .dxf. PDF files do not work with Cricut Design Space.

This screenshot shows the Upload Page of Design Space. You can only upload SVG files or the other listed formats.

Side note: You will also find a View All and Download button on this page. The View All allows you to view all images that YOU have uploaded to Design Space.

Step 3: Choose Your Image

This screenshot shows the image/file upload screen in Cricut design space. You can upload easily by using ‘drag and drop’ or by browsing your computer to find the image you would like to use.

After clicking Upload Image, you will be prompted to browse your computer. Click the Browse button and your computer’s file explorer will open. Next, navigate to wherever you have stored your downloaded file. In most cases, this is your download folder on your desktop. You can also drag and drop your image by selecting it from an already open file and “dragging” it onto the page.

If you are using a non-SVG file or wish to Print Then Cut, you will see your chosen image and have three options under Save Image Type. I always select Complex.

Side Note: Make sure all files are visible on your computer. Sometimes computer settings are set to hide specialty files like SVG cut files.

Most computers will show a Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer icon as the SVG file unless you have Inkscape installed and set up to label your files as SVG icons. I cover how to unzip and download files on your computer below. Inkscape also converts your images into the SVG format, so you can always upload SVG images.

Here is an example of what your files might look like without changing the icons to an SVG icon picture. You will notice files with browser icons instead of SVG file icons, making finding files harder.

Step 4: Save Your Image

Upload SVG or image files and see a preview of the file. Step 4 includes making sure you have the right image and saving it to Design Space.

Once you’ve selected your file, it will appear in Design Space. Click the green Save button at the bottom right-hand side to upload SVG or another formatted image file.

Step 5: Insert Image

This screenshot of Cricut Design Space shows how to bring your new image to the canvas after you’ve successfully uploaded the file.

Once saved, your image will appear in the Recently Uploaded section. Next, click on the image you want to bring onto the Canvas so that a green outline appears. You can also see what you have selected at the bottom right with a small icon. Bonus: you can choose more than one image! Once you have selected the image(s), click the green Insert Images button.

Step 6: Modify or Print

This screenshot of Cricut Design Space shows a butterfly SVG file placed on a new canvas page, where the file can be edited further.

The chosen image(s) will appear on the canvas. If it is too large, you can zoom out and scale it down using the arrow at the bottom right corner of your image. The layers of the image will always appear in the Layer’s Panel to the right. You can also modify the image on the canvas workspace if you need to change the size or remove/add features.

Congratulations! You now know how to upload SVG or other image files to Cricut Design Space! Keep reading for more tips!

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If you want to learn how to upload SVG files or other images, my complete guide to uploading images to Cricut Design Space is for you!

How to Unzip Files

As you can see, learning to upload SVG images to Cricut is relatively straightforward. However, there are many designs you may purchase on Etsy or files you may download for free from other sources that are stored inside compressed zips.

Why Do Creators Use Compressed Zips?

Designers (myself included) often use compressed zip files because they allow the transport of multiple files or types of files from one person to another very quickly.

Sending files in zips also allows for size compression of the data, which benefits uploading and downloading image files. When crafters purchase cut files off a site like Etsy, the designers are restricted by how many “files” can be uploaded in a single purchase. Compressed zips allow dozens of files to be downloaded with one click.

Here’s the important part:

Cricut Design Space does not accept compressed zip files. Therefore, you need to unzip (aka extract) the files inside the zip folder before you can upload SVG or PNG images to Design Space.

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How to Create Your Own SVG Files or Convert Images to Layered SVG Files

Learning how to design your custom images for crafting will give you more creative freedom than 90% of other fellow crafters out there. This is the next best step to take once you have mastered Design Space. Designing craft files for yourself will enable you to customize ANYTHING to your exact vision without settling.

The result? You will be able to save a lot of money and time because you aren’t forced to buy the file designs of others or waste your time searching through free designs that aren’t right for your project.

If you want to custom design or convert your images to SVG files, I can help! Inside my Free the SVG program, I start at step one and guide you as you work your way to the top skill level. I want to invite you to join my Free the SVG program here – spots are limited, and the course closes at certain times throughout the year. I can help you create anything you can imagine!

Have you bought a Cricut cutting machine and aren’t sure how to get started? Use this guide to get step-by-step instructions on how to upload SVG and other image files into Cricut Design Space Software.
Not only will I teach you how to upload SVG and other image files to Cricut Design Space, but I will also teach you how to use compressed zips and other tips.

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