Cricut Design Space How To – 16 Questions Every Cricut Beginners Asks

There are thousands of Cricut tutorials for beginners out there but because of the plethora of options, you still feel lost. At this point, you probably sense mounting overwhelm, losing sight of why you were excited about this Cricut purchase in the first place.

Which Machine Should I Buy? Explore Or Maker? If you haven’t purchased a machine yet, you may be wondering whether the Explore or Maker will work for you. Or possibly, even the new Cricut Joy mini machine.

Is Cricut Design Space Easy To Learn? What Is The Best Cricut Tutorials For Beginners? You might be a Cricut-interested person that is wondering if purchasing a machine would be a waste because you are afraid the Design Space software is hard to understand. Let me reassure you.

Which Devices Work With Cricut Design Space? Cricut is compatible with desktop or laptop computers such as Mac and PC. You can also use mobile devices such as iPad, tablets and phones.

How Do I Connect My Machine To Bluetooth (Wireless)? Cricut machines come with a cable that plugs directly into your computer so Design Space can tell the machine what to do. I don’t know about you, but if I can eliminate any cord in my workspace I will.

What Is The Difference Between A Jpeg/PNG Image And An SVG Cut File? Many Cricut novices are very confused at first about the difference between an SVG file and a Print Then Cut image file (Jpeg or PNG format)

How Do I Upload My Own Images And SVG Files? Learning how to upload your own files to Cricut Design Space is one of the most freeing and exciting aspects of owning a Cricut machine. Beginners have many questions when they first get started.

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