Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skull Craft

Today, I decided to create my own sugar skull craft that both younger kids and older kids will enjoy making together.

This was a fun Dia de los Muertos craft for me for two reasons: paper sugar skull crafts are full of bright colors, and second, I wanted to learn about the heart of this holiday.


– Large roll of paper – Thick white foam poster board  – Brush pens or paint – Glue gun – Flower Templates – Sugar skull stencil  – Decorative border

Unroll your seamless paper and cut it to match the size of your foam poster board. Use your glue gun or mounting tape to adhere it to the surface.

Place your stencil center on your poster board. You can either hold it steady or use some washi tape to keep it in place.

Sugar Skull Stencil from Stencil Revolution

I’m using brush pens here but paint works fine too. Decide which colors you want where and start filling in the stencil.

Next I glued on my border. 

The final step for your Day of the Dead sugar skull crafts is to add your flowers. You can add just a few accent flowers or fill the whole top of the frame.

Tap the link below to read the full INSTRUCTIONS.