DIY Iris Unicorn Rainbow Flowers- Large Rainbow Paper Flowers

The magic & fun of unicorns is taking over my crafting heart this week and creating something spectacular – Large Rainbow Paper Flowers!

Step 1: Cut out all of your petals. Then cut 2-inch slits at the bottom of each petal and overlap slightly with glue.

Step 2: Use a marker, pencil or dowel to curl back the top edges of the flower petal.

Step 3: Repeat with all of your petals. You should have 8 Petals for each layer. For this tutorial, there will be 5 layers since we are making an XL flower. I have 8 colors present for each layer. One for each petal.

Step 4: You will be gluing each petal over each segment of the petal perfect base. There are 8 sides. One for each petal. Add glue to the bottom of the back and glue onto the base as shown. Your petals will not fit perfectly on each side since we want the petals to overlap to achieve the correct look.

Step 5: Glue the next petal onto the next segment. Here you can see my two petals roughly line up with each side of the octagon base. Keep going with the next 6 petals the same way.

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