DIY Paper Poinsettia and Holly Leaf Christmas Garland

This craft tutorial will teach you how to make a DIY Christmas garland, which I am teaching you today with crepe paper poinsettias and holly leaves!

First, let’s review the supplies, tools, and materials needed to craft this poinsettia and holly Christmas paper garland.


– Cutting machine – Crepe paper – Detail Scissors – Thick floral wire – Gauge wire – Floral tape – Wire clippers – Rotary blade – Grip mat – Poinsettia and holly templates

Start by cutting out your templates. I use 5-6 poinsettia petals (10-12 halves) and about 50 leaves (100 holly leaf halves) for my 5-foot garland.

For the poinsettia petals and leaves you will add a line of hot glue down right edge of the leaf. Then overlap the petals and leaves slightly, sandwiching the thin wire in between.

To make the poinsettia start with the smaller petals and style them around the pearl stamen. Wrap in floral tape to secure.

Tap the link below to see the full instructionS.