28 Cricut/Design Space Hacks That Beginners Should Know

Today, I’m sharing my very best Cricut tips for beginners and give you some Cricut instructional guides and resources you will love!

Peel Your Mat Away From Your Material It is actually better to gently curl and peel the mat away from the material.

Use IKEA Plastic Bag  Storage For Vinyl Another one of my favorite Cricut hacks, which has already gained some popularity over the last few years is IKEA plastic bag storage holders.

Sharpen Your Blade With Tin Foil You can easily extend the life of your fine-point blade by sharpening it with tin foil! In fact, when you use tin foil you can make the blade last 3x longer!

Use A Nail Polish Holder For Vinyl Scraps

This is probably one of my favorite Cricut hacks! Buy a cheap nail polish holder to collect tiny vinyl pieces when weeding.

Store Your Blades In Your Cricut When I was a new Cricut owner I was unaware that the inside of my machine could hold my blades and small tools for dust-free, safe storage.

Learn To Make Your Own SVG Cut Files For Free In Inkscape

Finding freebies and purchasing Cricut Access are awesome ways to get SVG files for Design Space. But what about creating your own?.

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