How to Install Fonts, Weld Text, and Insert Special Text Characters in Cricut Design Space

Mastering the use of text in Design Space is a great way to take your crafts to the next level. When I started, I had no idea how to install my own fonts, or even change the font in Cricut Design Space.

Where To Find Fonts Choose a font to download. I’m going to use a font that I downloaded off of Font Bundles because I want to show you how to unzip the file and install the fonts that you may pay for.

Unzip Your Fonts Go to where the zip file was downloaded. If your font did NOT download as a zip then skip down to the next step.

How To Access System Fonts In Design Space Open Design Space up. If you already had it open be sure to close it out first then reopen it, so the fonts have a chance to load.

How To Organize Fonts In Cricut Design Space I recently discovered a desktop app called Nexus that allows you to create specific folders for your fonts and store them in categories rather than trying to remember the name of each font.

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