How to Make Realistic-Looking Paper Succulents

I’ve had many requests to create a Paper Succulent Template – yup you guessed it, we are making classic succulents as paper flowers!

Despite the slightly different petal tips, you can make each of these succulents the same way. Let me share my supply list so we can get started!


– Paper succulent templates  – Glue gun – Scissors – Cricut – Wood dowel – Distress ink and ink sponges – Floral wire

Begin by cutting out all your petal layers. 


Fold all the petal points up; this is going to give the succulent depth. You can try to make it, so all the petals flow the same direction for a cleaner look.

The next step is to begin layering. Try not to stack them directly but have the petal alternate, as shown in the 4th block.

When you get to the very last tiniest petal layer, try to curl the petals around each other a bit and pinch the bottom before gluing in for a more closed center.