How to Make Stickers With Cricut Joy Xtra

Handmade stickers make great gifts to give or items to sell online!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make stickers with your Cricut machine step by step.


– Inkjet printer – Printable sticker paper – Or opt for printable vinyl sticker paper – Cricut machine – Cutting mat – A brayer tool


First, choose your images and scale the designs to your preferred size.

Go to the Offset tool at the top center of Design Space. Set your offset width. Leave Weld checked on, and if you are happy with the preview, click Apply.

With the black offset layer selected, go up to the top menu, next to Operation, and select the color swatch to change it to white.

To finalize the sticker, select both the offset layer and the image layers, then click on the Flatten Tool at the bottom of the Layer’s Panel.

Once printed, decide whether you want to have a die-cut sticker result or a kiss-cut sticker result.

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