How to Stem a Giant Paper Flower: DIY Curved Free-Standing Stem

Making paper flowers is such a great craft because of the hundreds of possibilities.

But today, I will share how to make giant paper flower stems that are curved, free-standing, and reusable!


– Solid half-foam balls – Copper coil/tubing  – Magnets – Hot glue gun – Green crepe paper – Crepe paper streamers – Green masking tape – Corsage tape – Additional floral wire

How To Make Curved Giant Paper Flower Stems

The best part about these giant paper flower stems is how easy they are to make; no drills or fancy tools necessary!

What makes these stems special is the way the flowers can easily pop on and off, so the stem becomes reusable.

Make sure to use very durable magnets. I found even with my heaviest flower, 3-4 magnets worked perfectly!

If you decide not to use magnets, you could use velcro or glue directly onto the foam ball center of the stem.

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