Manage Your Time As a Craft Business Owner With These Strategies

When it comes to owning a creative or craft business we usually wear all the hats. Everything that we are selling and sharing is coming from our creative minds.

Today I want to share with you 4 strategies which I have used to successfully scale my craft blog and creative business.

These tips can make a world of difference in the amount of product and content you can produce.

Batching is the means by which you can accomplish multiple pieces of several projects at once, within similar task groups.

Batch Everything

I have found the best way to do this is to sit down and write out 4 goals for the year. Make then reasonable of course, and try to keep 2 of them a little smaller than the other 2.

Plan Quarterly

This is essentially used to concentrate on one specific task for a blocked-out amount of time.

Time Blocking

When we are not focused on the things that make us better in our business and are moving us towards our goals, we face a heavy loss in productivity.

Don’t Try And Be Someone Else

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