Penelope Paper Rose DIY Tutorial

Today we will be making paper flowers with this Penelope paper rose DIY tutorial.

Cut the following number of petals: – XL petal – 8 cuts – Large petal – 8 cuts – Medium petal – 8 cuts – Small petal – 8 cuts – Center petals – 12 cuts – One 8-sided base

Start with XL petal. Cut about a 2 inch slit in the bottom center edge of the petal vertically. Add a touch of glue on one edge and slightly overlap the two pieces.

Use your dowel or marker to roll the top edges of your petal in a downward direction. Do this with all of your XL, large, and medium petals.

Using your 8 sided base piece, begin to glue an X-Large petal to each side of the base. Using an 8 sided base allows us to insure that our flower is symmetrical.

Tap the link below to see the full instructionS.