Print Then Cut vs Cut Image Cricut

(Full Cricut Sticker Tutorial)

Today I’m giving you a specific understanding of the distinct characteristics of a Print Then Cut image versus an SVG cut file.

Plus, I will share a full tutorial on how to make stickers with Cricut!

Cricut replaces the part where YOU have to do the cutting. Instead, your Cricut machine does the work for you with incredible precision!

What Does It Mean To Print Then Cut?

- Cricut Machine - Inkjet Printer - Cardstock or sticker paper - Cricut Mat - Brayer Tool - Image File



Go to the Upload button in the Design Panel to your left and import a PNG or JPEG image.

Cricut will ask if you want the image to be simple or complex. I always select complex so that no details are lost.

Bring the image into the canvas of Design Space by selecting it under Recently Uploaded. The Layer’s Panel to your right will tell you it is a Print Then Cut image.

Scale your image to size. Use the arrow at the bottom right corner of your image to scale it larger or smaller. Likewise, you can type in exact dimensions in the top edit bar.