Quick DIY Throw Pillow Cover 

This customized pillow cover is made by using a plain cover from Hobby Lobby, a home printer, a pencil and a fabric marker!

This is such a budget friendly way to decorate your home, and the design possibilities are endless. 

Iron your plain pillow cover to get any folds or wrinkles out. Create your text in a word processing document.


Print your words on your home printer. Then you will shade the back of your paper with pencil lead where the letters are.

Place your paper on your pillow cover and tape it down so it won’t move out of place. Then you will trace over your letters.

You will need to press down with a good amount of pressure. After you are done you will lift up your paper, and will have the pencil outline left on the cover.

Next you will fill in the words with your fabric marker. I went with a classic black colored marker to go with my décor.

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