The Best Storage Ideas to Organize Your Craft Room

I recently completely revolutionized my entire craft loft to maximize my amount of space, and it turned out amazing!

So today, I am giving you all my best craft storage solutions!

Not only could the shelves hold a lot of arts and craft supplies, but I loved that there were cabinets that can hide other items I didn’t want to be on display.

Cart & Drawer Storage

Craft Tables

In addition to craft storage furniture, a craft room needs surface space to work.

Craft Tables

I have a coffee table in my craft space for two reasons: first, I can slide storage bins underneath, and second, it is the perfect height to shoot craft video or picture tutorials.

Craft Desks

I once built my own desk, and it was pretty easy! I used two cube organizers from IKEA and a tabletop that my husband easily screwed together for the perfect sewing desk.

Cricut Mat & Cutting Mat Storage

I love to use heavy-duty command hooks to hand my mats on the wall. Go vertical and save space!

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