The Secret to Cricut Infusible Ink Story

Cricut Infusible Ink changed the way crafters made shirts, totes, pillowcases, and even mugs. Let’s explore all that you need to know about Cricut Infusible Ink.

Cricut’s Infusible Ink is heat transfer for cloth-like canvases. It’s Cricut’s version of sublimation without the need for a sublimation printer.

What Is Infusible Ink?

HTV works well on any color or textured blank but with Infusible Ink you will need to work with light-colored materials only to preserve the vibrant colors.

When NOT To Use Infusible Ink

The Infusible ink is actually dyeing the design into the fabric of your shirt rather than  adhered on top of the fabric.

The Difference Between Infusible Ink And  Iron-On Vinyl

Seamless And Smooth. This means no extra vinyl weight to your projects, seamless from one end of the design to another, plus totally smooth – no more wrinkles in your vinyl!

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