Tropical Flowers Tutorial {Perfect for Luau!}

Today’s tutorial will teach you how to make giant Hawaiian-style paper flowers perfect for a tropical theme party!

This Hawaiian paper flower tutorial is easy enough that kids can enjoy this too!


To get started, cut out the Hawaiian flower templates. Roll the flower at the bottom and creating a cone shape.

Start building the Hawaiian flowers by gluing one side of the petal to the inner side of another petal. Keep going until all the petals meet together in a circle.

Glue your 3-4 inch circle over the back. Flip your flower over and glue the medallion in the center on the front side.

I used a 2-inch foam ball cut in half and rhinestones for the jewel center.

Just like with the Hawaiian flower, roll all your petals into cones – the large, medium, small, and extra small Alana petals.