What’s the Difference Between Weld, Attach, and Group? 

What is the difference between Cricut weld and attach in Design Space? This is a question I have received countless times from new Cricut crafters.

Design Space: Cricut Weld Vs. Attach Tool

The weld tool combines two overlapping images into one object eliminating unwanted cut lines. Weld cannot be undone once the project is closed out.

Whereas the attach tool freezes the arrangement of your objects in design space, so placement remains the same when you click the Make It button. You can detach at any time.

How To Group And Ungroup In Design Space

Grouping and regrouping is a useful tool because it allows you to scale objects all at once to retain image proportions.

You can group and ungroup at any time in Design Space in two ways.  By right-clicking and selecting group or ungroup. Or by using the group or ungroup icon at the top of the Layers Panel.

How to Separate SVG Files In Cricut Design Space

When you upload an SVG to Cricut Design Space, you will first need to ungroup if you wish to move layers around individually.

Once the file has been brought on to the Design Space canvas, select the grouped image and click the ungroup button at the top right or right-click and select ungroup. That’s it!

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