Which Cricut is Best for Me? A Buyer’s Guide to Cricut Maker, Explore & Joy Machines

Today, I will be giving you a list of everything you need to know before committing to a Cricut machine. Think of this story as a buyer’s guide to discovering which Cricut is best for you!

Is Buying A Cricut Machine Worth It?

I have owned more than six Cricut machines for over eight years. Plus, I operate a craft blog and two craft template websites, so my answer is heck-to-the-yes!

But if you are unsure if you can come to terms with spending this kind of money on a craft machine, I would advise you to ask the following questions:

Do you: – Craft at least 1-2x a week already?  – Have frequent life events you could decorate for? – Plan to start or already have a craft business? – Want to create custom home decor?

What Is The Difference Between The Explore And Maker Machines?

The Explore machines and Maker cut over 100+ of the same materials, but the Cricut Maker cuts an additional 200 material options because of the more powerful motor.

Cricut Explore Air 2 And Explore Air 3

The biggest difference between Explore models and Maker models is in the force of the cut. Maker models have 10x the cut force as an Explore Air model. Explore Air models are still top of the line though.