12 Cricut Joy Accessories and Materials You Need

What Cricut Joy accessories and tools do I need to purchase to use with my machine? I get that question a lot from many Cricut beginners who wonder what else they need beyond just their Cricut machines.

Joy Cutting Mats The Cricut Joy was the very first Cricut machine that could cut matless with Smart Materials. While using Smart Materials like vinyl and iron-on is great, there are lots of cases you may want to add your materials to a mat.

Cricut Joy Card Mat Inserts Whipping up handmade cards is super fast with the Cricut Joy machine. One of the reasons it’s so effortless is the special card insert mat that works exclusively with the Joy machine.

Card Kits For The Cricut Joy Piggy-backing off the last accessory. Pre-cut card kits can be purchased to use with the Cricut Joy card insert mats.

Weeding Tools And Cricut Scraper Anytime you use vinyl or iron-on, you will need to have weeding tools on hand, and a Cricut scraper is also useful for removing debris from your Joy mats.

Cricut Joy Foil Tool The Cricut Joy foil tool came out about a year after the Joy machine. I love that Cricut innovated it for the Joy too.

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