Cricut Design Space How To – 16 Questions Every Cricut Beginners Asks

Ten years and four Cricut machines later, I am now sharing the answer to successfully learning a Cricut machine from day one with ease.

There are a lot of factors to choose the right machine, kinda like skimming online dating profiles – you want to be sure to choose a good fit and not a waste of effort result!

Which Machine Should I Buy? Explore Or Maker?

Design Space is very easy to understand as long as you have some guidance and patience to learn the tools BEFORE jumping into a craft.

Is Cricut Design Space Easy To Learn? 

Cricut is compatible with desktop or laptop computers such as Mac and PC. You can also use mobile devices such as iPad, tablets and phones.

Which Devices Work With Cricut Design Space?

Ensure you are within 15 feet of your machine and that it's on. Open Settings on your computer and select Devices. Make sure Bluetooth is toggled on. Select your machine.

How Do I Connect My Machine To Bluetooth?

The Upload button to the left of the Canvas is where you can bring in your own designs.

How Do I Upload My Own Images And SVG Files?

I recommend having mats, blade replacement, basic Cricut starter toolset, weeding tools, a weeding ring, and Cricut pens to start with. 

What Are The Most Necessary Tools To Have For Cricut?

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