Buttercup Paper Flower Tutorial – Easy Small Paper Flowers to Make

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Create simple paper buttercup flowers easiest for beginners and kids. Download the SVG cut files and printable templates to make your own.

Just like every leading lady needs a kick-butt supporting actress, statement flowers like peonies and roses needed a supporting bloom in arrangements and bouquets. Buttercups are easy paper flowers to make. I have made buttercups many times before but just released a brand new video last week. Buttercups are extremely beginner-friendly so if you are a paper floral novice, start with these! Hand these buttercup blossoms with a pair of scissors or use a Cricut machine. New to Cricut? Learn how to upload SVG cut files here

When you are starting out with paper flowers, the most common question is what supplies are needed – paper, glue, etc.? I’ve been making paper flowers now for over 9 years. Every year I seem to unveil a new way to make paper come even closer to resembling real flowers from nature.
If your new here I’ve created a go-to supply resource for fellow paper flower artists and hobbyists to learn all the juicy tips I have discovered in my career! Read all my paper flower frequently asked questions here.

Buttercups & paper craft idea

Supplies for Buttercup Paper Flowers

Buttercup Small Paper Flower Tutorial

Watch the video below to see how to make the buttercup paper flowers! To view the step-by-step small paper buttercup flower tutorial on Youtube click here.

Cut out the following petal layers

  • Three bottom petals
  • Two larger center petals
  • Six mini center petals
Yellow buttercup flower templates.

Shaping the Buttercup Petals

Using my Paper Blooms Shaping mat and toolset elevate your petals by rolling with pressure in the middle of the large centers. Repeat the same way with the three 5-point base petals.
Note: If you do not wish to have the mat and toolset, just bend the petals up with your fingers to create depth.

Create simple paper buttercup flowers easiest for beginners and kids. Download the SVG cut files and printable templates to make your own.

Building the Buttercup

  1. Layer the first two base petal layers on top of each other alternating the points of the petals.
  2. Add in the third petal layer continuing to alternate your petal points relative to the layer below.
  3. Next, layer the two larger center petals together.
  4. Add the larger centerpiece into the center of the buttercup base.
  5. For the six remaining mini center petals, bend one upwards to close it tightly and start gluing them together in layers. Try to alternate your petal layers as best you can. These are tiny, so it’s okay if you don’t get it perfect.
  6. Continue until you have layered all six mini center petals together.
  7. Glue into the center of your buttercup flower!

The Joy of Paper Flowers

The Joy of Paper Flowers Ebook by Abbi Kirsten Collections.

How did you like these easy buttercup paper flowers? Simple flowers like these are perfect to use for your next event or just around your home. Check out how I make them into a bouquet here.

Some of my favorite reasons to use paper flowers are…

  • They are long-lasting
  • No allergens
  • Safe around pets
  • Customize your colors palette perfectly
  • Enjoying creating something unique that no one else has
  • Saves money for events

Get instant access to my entire bundle of arrangement-worthy blooms with the Joy of Paper Flowers, which includes.

  • Lifetime access to 23 flower templates
  • How to arrange flowers on a wreath, bouquet, vase, corsage, and boutonniere
  • Over two dozen vine and leaf templates
  • SVG cut files and PDF printable formats
  • My go-to secret sauce supply list
  • 24+ full picture tutorials

Hey, Crafty bestie! I’m Abbi!

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Create simple paper buttercup flowers easiest for beginners and kids. Download the SVG cut files and printable templates to make your own.

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