Easy 3D Paper Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial with Templates

In this tutorial, we’re making things so simple! You don’t have to be artistic or a highly skilled crafter to make these adorable 3D paper Christmas ornaments.

Follow the simple directions & download the templates to make some baubles perfect for your family’s holiday space!

Start by cutting out as many ornament pieces as you’d like using the provided templates. The more ornament cutouts that are used, the more detailed & layered your finished product will be.

Fold each of your ornament cutouts in half lengthwise. If you want a more detailed ornament, try for 14-15 folded pieces but use no less than 10.

Now that each piece is folded add a strip of glue down the lateral side of each ornament & add another folded piece on top.

Continue gluing and stacking ornament cutouts one on top of another, working to keep them aligned as best as possible.

Tap the link below FOR the full instructionS.