5 Best Printers to use with Cricut Machines for Print Then Cut Projects

Printers can do a lot for you as a crafter. I get the question all the time, which printer is best to use with my Cricut? What is the most affordable printer to use for Print Then Cut projects?

Before I list out my favorite printers let me give you a bullet point checklist of important questions to ask yourself when you are looking at any printer.

Things To Consider When Buying A Craft Printer

What type of paper can the printer handle?Will it only work with thin copy paper? Or can it handle photo paper or cardstock?How does your printer use ink?

Canon Pixma TS3320 The Canon TS3320 is one of the better-priced printers that will work well with your Cricut machine and Print Then Cut projects.

HP Envy 6455E

The HP envy strikes a balance between efficiency, price, and quality. The HP Envy would be a mid-ground printer in my opinion and I have known many crafters who have been happy with it.

Canon TS6420 Are you seeing a trend? Canon makes good printers! The Canon TS6420 is another affordable option when searching for the best printer for Cricut.

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