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The Perfect Paper Daisy

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Paper Daisies. DIY easy paper flowers


You all get a double feature today. I will be sharing this daisy tutorial with you and also posting your Friday freebie later!

Daisies are a beloved flower. As Kathleen Kelly says in ‘You’ve Got Mail,’
“Daisies are the happiest flowers.” 
They sorta look like a mini sunshine smiling. 
If you haven’t seen ‘You’ve Got Mail’ that’s your weekend homework!
I’m giving a you step by step picture list below and a live video at the end. 


You will need 4 large petals, 5 small petal cuts, a tiny circle and leaf if desired. 


A rolling tool and molding mat are helpful with this flower. 
You can view my ‘Go to sites for craft supplies’ post to learn where to purchase these. 


Roll all the centers of the flowers


Layer the petal cuts. Not directly on top, you want to alternate the petals. 



Keep going..


Add your smaller flower petal layers. 


Finish your last center petals and add your circle center. 




Glue everything in and add your leaves. 



Below is a video for the daises as well as a ‘how to stem a paper flower’ video. 



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  1. Kimberly Braithwaite says:

    I absolutely love every template I have purchased and I have a lot!! You make flower making simple and easy and enjoyable. Thank you so much for the wonderful flowers ?. Look forward to getting more!!

    1. Thank you Kimberly! So happy to hear that!