5 Ways Failure Made Me Succeed

After 7 years of operating a business you learn pretty fast that failure can be your best friend. Why is that?

First and foremost you will never learn much from success, but you will learn from your failures, big or small.

Today I will share with you how I learned, and am still learning, to help my small business success grow through adapting from my failures.

Genuinely presenting yourself to your tribe with authentic ideas and products with get you much further then being a total copy cat.

You learn how to be yourself.

Whatever your vision is now it will change. You may learn to love something you didn’t expect, know about or fall into a new creative passion.

The beginning plan will never match the end result.

You should focus on captivating your tribe of fans and repelling the people who are not, which may mean feeling some rejection from time to time.

You find your tribe.

When I experience any type of failure I always find myself pausing and re-evaluated what I am doing.

You find a better strategy.

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