11 Time Management Strategies for Small Business Success

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Time management is a big headache for most people. Our schedules are jam packed and our minds are overflowing with information. Maybe you are like me, staring at your to-do list at the end of everyday frustrated that almost nothing was checked off. Feeling guilty as a Mom because you need to keep up with work and life; but your kids are pining for your attention? Do you feel like if you can just accomplish x, y or z that you can make real progress towards your dreams and goals?

Been there. Done that.

And while I can’t solve every problem for you, I can tell you that if you implement these 11 time management strategies; I mean really stick to them like they are the ten gospel commandments, then I guarantee you will see more productivity from your checklist of tasks!

While I write these with small business owners, like myself, in mind; these 11 time management strategies I am sharing here apply to ANY area of life, whether you are a stay at home mom, student, entrepreneur or corporate guru.

Check the excuses at the door

How often do you find yourself saying one of the following:

  • I’m just so busy.
  • There is never enough time in the day.
  • I feel like I am getting now where.
  • How do other people get stuff done?
  • I’m too tired to do anything at the end of the day.

I hear you my friend. I really do. But the fact is that everybody deals with all the thoughts running through your head. But the ones that chase their dreams and eventually catch them, are the people who check all their excuses at the door and push past that stuff like their life depended on it.

Truth bomb: If you want something bad enough you will find the time. If not, you will find an excuse.

Bottom line, the rest of these time management strategies won’t work worth a hoot if you do not check your excuses at the door.

Time Management Strategies for Small Business Success: 11 Time management tips, activities, and techniques to be more productive in your work.

You must set boundaries

Setting boundaries is tough. I get it. There are so many times I have to remind my kiddos that now is not their time with Mommy, it is Mommy’s time to work and they should not interrupt. Setting boundaries is key to the success of your time management strategies.

Here are some areas I am vigilant about my setting boundaries

  • Social media
  • Interruption from people during my work time
  • Checking messages too often
  • TV time

Delegating is also something worth mentioning here. I challenge you to make a list of all the tasks that have to be done each day and see what things on that list can be given to someone else, like your spouse or kids, to do. Are you doing all the cleaning? Why? Give your kids chores. Can you husband cook dinner, do some laundry or pack the kids lunches? I bet he can with a little nudge.

Part of setting boundaries is not being the pack mule for everyone else.

Learn to say no

I’m placing this tip after setting boundaries because they overlap a bit. Learning to say no falls within setting boundaries. But it is important to recognize that learning to say no is not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean you are selfish or don’t care.

Quite the opposite actually.

Saying no means you value yourself and your time. It also means you value the other person because you want to give them your best yes when you are able to and not say yes out of obligation or fear of their judgement.

Touch no task more than once

I have personally seen real success with this one. I was infamous for just jumping from task to task and trying to multitask.

You know what happened?

I ended up with 2 unfinished tasks instead of 1 completed task and the unfinished tasks continued to pile up. Skipping from task to task can increase the time spend on each thing by as much as 500%! I sure don’t want to work 500% longer. How about you?!

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Let go of perfectionism

This one is tough for me. I am a type A personality and perfectionism is my Achilles heel. Even though it is hard to let go of perfecting every little thing, I realized that even when I think something is perfect, someone else won’t. *sigh*

Furthermore, when it comes to launching a product or writing a post, I have found that it is better to have something out there than nothing at all; because you will waste a ton of time critiquing it, instead of refining it after receiving some feedback.

Batch similar tasks together

Another favorite of mine! Batching your tasks is a HUGE time saver! For example, I used to pick up and clean the house throughout the day. Now? I have one 20 minute time frame per day that I go about cleaning the house up. I usually do this right before my kids get home from school.

I also apply this to other things like batching similar craft projects together in the same day, photographing more than one completed item at a time, batching my photo editing sessions, etc.

Let go of self doubt

Do you have any idea how much time self-doubt takes from you? A TON! Using all your brain power that day procrastinating and doubting your abilities will only result in minutes ticking by. So avoid that distant glare of self doubt and stay focused on believing in yourself.

Time Management Strategies for Small Business Success: 11 Time management tips, activities, and techniques to be more productive in your work.

Stick to a routine

Here is another truth bomb for you: You can’t let the day run you. You have to run the day.

I’m sure at some point and time somebody has thought I was ex-military, but routines create an energizing way to tackle your day. Everyone’s routine is going to look different. Start with setting up pillars in your day like when you will wake up, exercise, or answer your messages. Remember to set time blocks for these tasks  to keep the day structured.

Plan/Write everything down

Let’s just get this out there…


Whew, I feel better. But seriously, every week and every day you should be planning your time out and writing everything you need to do down. This is referred to as brain dumping. Trying to remember it all in your head will result in you forgetting things, feeling drained and probably getting a headache!

Time Management Strategies for Small Business Success: 11 Time management tips, activities, and techniques to be more productive in your work.

Prioritize tasks of importance

Learning to prioritize can make all the difference with your time management strategies. When it comes to my business I ask myself 3 questions.

  1. Will this benefit me when I finish it?
  2. How quickly can this make me money?
  3. How quickly can I finish it?

The tasks that have the most benefits, profit potential and shortest time frame to complete are the ones you should be prioritizing at the the top of your list.

Word hard, rest well

Originally this post was suppose to have only 10 time management strategies, but I felt adding this one was important. When you are building a small business or just trying to run your day better, you need to work at it with all you have got. BUT when you have worked hard, you also need to take time to rest well and re-charge so you can hit another home run tomorrow!

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Time Management Strategies for Small Business Success: 11 Time management tips, activities, and techniques to be more productive in your work.



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