A Simple Guide to Using Cricut Cutter Story

When you purchased your Cricut, you were likely crazy excited to get started. But when you started looking at the software and machine as a beginner, you probably started to feel overwhelmed.

Whether you haven’t cracked the box on your brand new Cricut cutter machine yet, or you are trying to learn more about how to use a Cricut machine before purchasing one, I want to help!

Which Cricut machine is best? Is Cricut Maker easy for beginners?

There are lots of similarities with each of these machines and differences are evident based on what you plan to craft.

Cricut Explore 2 Machine

– Explore machines are the oldest existing model still sold by Cricut. – Uses the Design Space software. – Works with desktop, iOS, and Andriod. – The Maker can cut by layers and also Print Then Cut.

What about the Explore 3 machine? The Explore 3 can do everything that the Explore 2 can do but is compatible with Smart Materials and can cut up to 12 feet long.

Cricut Explore 3 Machine

Cricut Joy Machine

– Uses the Design Space software. – Works with desktop, iOS, and Andriod. – Great for travel because of the compact size. – Bluetooth capable. No USB option.

Here’s the thing, that depends on what you want to craft! Start by making a list of the craft projects you want to create first with your Cricut, then research the supplies you need for those projects.

What Do Beginners Need For Cricut?

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